Hello and welcome to the 65th issue of TheBAY Magazine

Here we are with another bumper edition, cram-med with articles by our regular contributors. It’s lovely to hear from readers who say how much they enjoy reading the magazine – in fact one of the recur-ring comments is “I can’t believe it’s free!” Well of course it isn’t – printing and distribution all come at a cost which is financed by the adverts. So when you sit down to read TheBAY remember who really brings you this “priceless” publication!


Chantele Cross Jones has been look-ing at the fashion trends for autumn, and tells me that the 70s are going to be a great influence – so if you have your floaty Laura Ashley dress still hanging in the back of the wardrobe, now is the time to ferret it out. Chantele is a great fan of ‘vintage’ clothing – I find it a dreadful thought that the fashion of my youth is now considered vintage!


Dr Isabella Brey’s insect of the month is the hoverfly. These are the pesky wasp lookalikes that buzz around your face, but have no sting in their tail. If you’ve been following Isabella’s articles and have become interested in identifying the many bugs and insects that you see in your garden, then we have the perfect competition for you. On page 61 you’ll find details of how to WIN a copy of Paul D Brock’s definitive guide to insects in the UK. It’s a beautifully illustrated book with over 2,700 photographs and is the most complete guide to insects ever published.


We have two articles on lower back pain this month. One aimed at sportsmen and women and the other at expectant mums. Acupuncturist, Tim Wright’s article deals with pain caused by running. If you have any questions for any of our contributors, they can all be contacted by emailing me – I’ll happily pass on any of your queries.


Tatiana Bento, our regular recipe contributor, lives in Portugal where sardines are a speciality. Tatiana shares her method of cooking these little silver beauties on page 130. They are a very simple dish to prepare but you must get the freshest fish possible – Tatiana tells us how to recognise the best.


The guys at the Gower Kitchen are back this month with a stylish dessert recipe – a lemon meringue tart with a difference. Rachel Jamison also returns with a great vegan barbeque recipe for tofu kebabs, patatas bravas and a pomegranate salad. All of these are perfect for summer – all we need now is the sun!


As regular readers will know, food and drink are possibly my favourite subjects, so it was no great hardship for me to head off down to Gower, to see what was happening at the Welcome to Town in Llanrhidian. This lovely old pub has been renovated by new owners Paul and Natasha Crowther. All traces of the old restaurant have been completely eradicated and in its place is a stylish new pub and dining room, but fear not, it has not been turned into a

Gastropub or anything similarly pretentious. Another welcome addition to my culinary notebook is the Square Peg coffee shop in Sketty, where they serve some of the best coffee in Swansea. I met up with director Matt Crome and Josh the manager, last month, and over a cup of Guatemalan single blend coffee they told me about the social enterprise Poverty to Purpose. Not that you’d know that the café had a philanthropic slant – it simply serves great coffee and food – but it is good to know that the profits are being put to good use and not just lining the pockets of multi-national chains.


Liz Barry was invited to stay at The Grove at Narberth last month. Neil Kedward and Zoe Agar have transformed a dilapidated 15th century mansion into a small luxury hotel. It’s the perfect place to stay if you are heading to the Narberth Food Festival at the end of September. Simon and I went further afield last year when we holidayed in the Canary Island of Lanzarote. With its fabulous beaches and almost guaranteed sunshine, it’s easy to see why it is such a popular holiday destination – even if the rest of the landscape is rather lunar



If you’re off on holiday this month, have a great time. We’ll be back in September.