Hello and welcome to the 60th issue of TheBAY magazine

This, our ‘Diamond’ edition, has articles by our regular contributors along with some new, one of which is Ray Ziemelis, chef at The Gower Hotel who revealed to me that the chef he admires most of all is Escoffier. Auguste Escoffier was a French chef, restaurateur and culinary writer who, in the 19th Century, popularized and updated traditional French cooking methods. Ray likes to imagine how Escoffier’s recipes and techniques would be if he had available to him the sort of kitchen gadgetry available today. Ray shares his recipe for the perfect way to cook mackerel – see our food and drink section.


Get Stuffing

Shirley Conran once said that life was too short to stuff a mushroom, but Tatiana Bento obviously doesn’t agree as she happily takes the time to stuff squid. The technique for cleaning and preparing the squid may not be for the squeamish, but don’t let that put you off as your friendly fishmonger will happily do all of that for you.


Robin D’Arcy had a run in with a seafood delicacy, the sea urchin while on his travels in the Balkans. Fortunately it happened at the end of his travels from Hungary to Croatia so didn’t spoil his fun too much.


Barcley update

Our resident vet Geraint Jones is back this month with an update on his Vizsla puppy Barcley. Geraint is keen to im-press upon us the amount of time and energy it is neces-sary to expend when you take on a four legged fiend. The missing ‘r’ is wholly deliberate as I speak from ex-perience. Barcley is developing into a well-rounded, polite member of canine society.


Gardening Guru

I’ve often said that we are very lucky to have contribut-ors of the very highest calibre, writing for us. But it is very much in evidence this month with Caroline Thomas’ art-icle on garden design. Caroline’s guidance to readers, on planting schemes and the use of colour is remarkably generous – she gives her advice and experience freely.



Spot the Ads

We had an unprecedented response to the Spot the Ads competition that we ran in the winter edition. Hundreds of you emailed, mailed and dropped through our letter-box, your entries – many of them written out by hand.

It seemed that you got the whole family involved search-ng out the featured adverts. Many of you wrote how you’d enjoyed doing it over the Christmas holiday – it was probably marginally more interesting than watching the re-runs on telly! It did have an ulterior motive of course, and that was to get you all looking at the adverts. At the risk of repeating myself, we really do need you to use the advertisers in the magazine, as it is they who pay for it to be produced and delivered through your letter-box each month.


Client Collaboration

I heard from two of our advertisers how they had got together through the magazine, to work collaboratively on a project in Aberavon. Tony Di Francesco of Café Remos contacted Matthew Senior of Gower Sail Shades to improve on the parasols that provided shelter and shade on the seafront. See our business section for this good news business story.


There is more good news for all craft beer lovers. Boss Brewing is setting up a brand new brewery in Swansea early next month. Look out in future issues for exclusive tastings for readers of TheBAY and a competition to win bottles of Boss beers.


Je Suis Charlie

Father Andrew Pearce never fails to produce thought pro-voking articles for TheBAY; and each month I look forward to opening his emailed copy. His article for this month came just a few days after the barbaric murders in Paris which had shocked and horrified everyone in the studio at TheBAY. Father Andrew’s observations moved me deeply and I doubt that I will ever be able look at a rainbow in the same way again.


See you next month