Hello and welcome to the October issue of TheBAY magazine


At the time of writing this there is no sign of the mellow fruitfulness that is usually associated with late September and the onset of autumn. We really are enjoying an Indian summer, and hopefully it will continue for a little longer.

This month’s magazine is packed full of interesting articles from our talented contributors, all of whom are experts in their own field. We pride ourselves on not padding out the mag with so called interesting facts trawled from the internet!

A Matter of Taste

One of the greatest pleasures in producing TheBAY is the necessity in dining out for our restaurant reviews. We do not go to restaurants at their behest and as their guests. We book our table and pay our bill, just like anyone else. If we enjoy our meal then we write about it – if we don’t – we don’t write about it! This month we travelled up towards Brecon to eat at the Penycae Inn and, on another occasion to Aberavon to the Café Remos. Both of which you can read in Culinary Causerie on page 132.

Our cinema and theatre reviewer Sofiane Ziad is also a lover of cake and sweets, so he was the ideal candidate to take tea at Café Twocann. His review can be found on page 134.

Pure Charity

Dr Will Metcalfe joins us again this month to bring us more news from Tanzania. I suggested to Will that TheBAY make a donation to the Foxes Community and duly paid via the website. Within a couple of hours I received this response from Marion Gough, one of the charity’s trustees.

I have just had a notification from Pure Charity that you have kindly donated £100 in honour of Will Metcalfe for which we thank you. This is very much appreciated by us and the villagers in Mufindi. The £ goes a long way in Mufindi for example: this could feed all the children in our Children's Village for five weeks or 540 pupils in the Igoda Primary School for just under one week with a very nutritious mug of Uji. This is a porridge like drink made up from ground maize, millet, peanuts, rice, sometimes soya bean, sugar and water - boiled. It is absolutely delicious if I might say so! This mug of Uji has improved the daily attendance to 97% and also their concentration levels which has brought the school up to 7th in the district! Before they walked to school for an hour, or for some over, getting there for 7am, sweeping out the classrooms with branches, attended school all day as it was too far for them to walk home, left school at 5 for their walk home with nothing to eat or drink!

If, after reading Will’s article, you wish to make a donation, simply go to their website (details on page145) and follow the link.

Off His Rock–er

Daredevil D’Arcy has been at it again. Robin D’Arcy Managing Director of Bay Estate Agency joined Rip n Rock for a spot of Coasteering – which in simple terms is climbing up rocks and jumping into the sea. Robin’s account – in his inimitable style can be found on page 80. While our motoring correspond-dent Liam Bird spent a leisurely weekend in Vienna. His pastimes appear far more sedate than Mr D’Arcy’s and involve a lot of cake.

Bee Line

Liz Barry took her camera when she met up with a bee-keeping family in Bridgend. Bee numbers have been in decline since the mid-1990s, with evidence, according to the Soil Association, pointing to the use of neonicotinoids – a class of pesticide used in agriculture. We can do our bit to help make our gardens bee friendly, by planting pollen rich flowers and plants in our gardens. Details of how you can sponsor a hive and receive a year’s supply of locally produced honey are on page 122.

Competition Time

We have two competitions for you this month. One is to win a fab night out for you and up to seven friends at Swansea’s newest nightclub Fiction & Myu, details on page 12. If clubbing isn’t your thing then maybe a family trip to the pantomime is more up your street. A family ticket to the opening night of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is up for grabs on page 42.

Our next edition of TheBAY will be with you in mid-November and will be the final one for 2014. Have a great October

Lesley Williams – BAY editor