HELLO and WELCOME to the 61st issue of TheBAY magazine


It doesn’t seem very long ago since I was writing my February hello page. February is only two or three days shorter than any of the other months, but it appears to fly by much faster than that.


Over the Garden Wall

This month’s issue is, as usual, crammed with plenty of great articles from all your favourite contributors, and some new ones. Amanda Skull and Dr Isabella Brey feature wildlife that you might see in your garden, the Siskin and the bumblebee.


Staying in the garden, Caroline Thomas of the Slade Garden Company has some excellent advice for anyone who has an outdoor space that is overlooked by neighbours, and it doesn’t involve the dreaded Leylandii. Fulke Andel has vegetable growing advice and a very seasonal recipe to use leeks on St David’s Day.


The Big Issue

Father Andrew Pearce is, as ever, extremely honest in his article.  I wonder how many readers have avoided making eye contact with a Big Issue seller so that they don’t feel obliged to make a purchase.  Maybe after reading Fr Pearce’s pages you will feel differently.


Peru-sing Machu Picchu

Liz Barry has excelled herself month. So much so that we gave over 10 pages to the article and put her image of Machu Picchu onto the front cover. Most of us will never get to see it in real-life - the high altitude defeats many – so I hope you enjoy a little bit of armchair travel with Liz.


Where Buzzards Dare

Kim Jones guides us on a cycle tour of Brecon, taking in some of the highest ridges. He usually cycles the route at least twice to make sure that the directions are correct and the way clear. On this occasion, Kim was staggered to find that a huge amount of tree felling had taken place between his visits, so some of the photographs are a little less leafy than depicted in the magazine. Hopefully this won’t have upset the wildlife unduly, and you will still have the chance of buzzard or kite spotting.


Butter Me Up

Tatiana Bento spent some time back packing in India a couple of years ago, and managed to wangle a cookery lesson in Moti Mahal restaurant famous for its butter chicken. Tatiana’s recipe is set to become a favourite in the Williams’ household.


Brew Stone Chef

We welcome chef Neil Thomas of new café, bar, restaurant Brew Stone to TheBAY this month. Neil shares his recipe for 24 hour lamb shoulder. You need to start this recipe well ahead of when you are going to serve it as it needs to be marinated and then cooked slowly before resting for another few hours.

Alternatively, pop into Brew Stone and let Neil do all the hard work!


Have a fab March and see you in April




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