Hello & Welcome

to the October issue of TheBAY

home-page-magazine-mock-upWell it’s been a busy month here at BAY HQ, not only have we been with our noses to the grindstone getting this issue off to the printer on time, but we also had an impromptu trip Portugal. We had an email from our one time resident chef, Tatiana Bento and her partner David, to say that they were getting married, and would we like to come. The only snag was that they had only just decided to tie the knot, and it was the following weekend! Oh well, have passport – will travel and thanks to the wonder of the world wide web we had booked our flights and accommodation within the hour. You can read about our whirlwind weekend in our Lifestyle & Leisure section. Huge congratulations to Tatiana and David; I’m sure you’ll agree that they make a handsome couple.

While at the wedding, we caught up with Jon Lewin who was enlisted as the official wedding photographer. Jon is the author of The Local’s Cookbook, chronicling his travels through Sri Lanka with recipes and photographs, which we featured in the magazine earlier in the year. Two of Jon’s street food recipes are in our Food & Drink section.

We welcome a new contributor this month – Ian Bateman loves a challenging walk – and this month he’s got a circular walk that takes in some of the waterfalls of the Neath Valley. This walk is quite tricky and slippery underfoot, so I must advise caution if you’re going to undertake it. Fans of walks with John Ashley don’t worry, John will still be contributing walks to our pages but he’s been tied up with his day job in recent months. In our winter issue, you’ll find out more about what it is that John does when he’s not wearing his walking boots.

Sarla Langdon reviews two books from the Man Booker Shortlist. She also highlights two local authors, one of whom will be familiar to many of you – Marianne Pettifor of the animal charity The Pettifor Trust. ‘An Expert in my Field’ tells of Marianne and the Pettifor families escapades with animals when running a small hotel on Gower. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the charity and priced at just £5 it will make an ideal Christmas stocking filler.

You’ll find plenty of competitions to enter in this month’s magazine; tickets to the first night of the pantomime, our cover competition, a Wishbone children’s bike. Who would have thought that you could manufacture something so cute out of old carpet? Azure in Newton Road has also provided us with an amazing competition prize – a £50 gift certificate. This will allow the winner to stock up on pure silk scarves to give as gifts this Christmas, or treat themselves to a piece of original jewellery made by proprietor Sophie Tudor, from semi-precious stones. Sophie’s own pure silk clothing range is very affordable and of course only available from Azure. And finally a Brizebox – the ultimate secure parcel delivery solution.

Liz has once again been on her travels and this month we have two articles to inspire you. Firstly, the Guy Fawkes Carnivals of Somerset which are held in November and feature floats that cost thousands of pounds to decorate. These carnivals have been an annual event for hundreds of years and are by all accounts quite spectacular. On another occasion, Liz visited the island of Malta. Her photographs of blue skies and colourful boats certainly cheered me up when they popped into my in-box, I hope they brighten up your day too.

We have more bright things in Dr Isabella Brey’s bug of the month. I didn’t know that we have 273 different species of leaf beetle in the UK – I shouldn’t be surprised though as I sometimes think that I have all of them in my little garden judging by the holes in the leaves on my plants. I must admit that some leaf beetles are rather beautiful though.

Cats Protection has a rather timely article for October with Hallowe’en in mind – black cats. I wonder why black isn’t the in colour for cats, I think they are rather elegant and surely they bring luck if they cross your path? Perhaps the Welcome to town in Llanrhidian should consider getting a black cat to go with their ghosts. Landlord, Paul Crowther invited the paranormal investigation team of Ghost Hunt Wales to spend the night in the pub, with surprising results – if you dare!

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoy the autumn and we’ll be back with our winter issue mid-November.