Hello & Welcome to the August edition

July 2016 Edition of The Bay

Home-page-Magazine-Mock-upI measure how good a summer is by the number of barbeques that we have, and so far that has been one. That’s not good since we are now into August. I hope that by the time I’m writing my hello page for September things will have improved.

You’ll see that we have a large section of the magazine devoted to Ystradgynlais. Regular readers will remember that I wrote about this little Upper Swansea Valley town in the April issue, after I came across it by chance when delivering copies of the magazine to the interiors and gift shop, The Kindle House. I was delighted to hear, last month, from the traders to say that they had had a floral makeover and that the town was now well and truly in bloom, and that they had entered into the Wales in Bloom competition. The judges were deliberating as we went to press, so I’ll have to update you on the outcome in a future issue. It’s well worth popping up to Ystradgynlais – you’ll find a thriving little community and a very warm welcome.

The Gower Society celebrates 60 years of Gower’s status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with 12 notable places that they recommend to visitors to Swansea. You will find beaches, walks and places of interest – some going to the far reaches of the Lordship of Gower.

Liz has once again been on her travels, this time to the Greek island of Skiathos where she hopped aboard a sail boat and discovered some of the islands more inaccessible beaches. If you’re heading off to the sun and are looking for some summer reading, Sarla has her pick of the latest publications. This includes The Pier Falls, a book of short stories by Mark Haddon, who is best known for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time for which he won the Whitbread Book of the Year award.

While eating out this month I’ve noticed that there are far more vegan choices on menus, which I suppose is hardly surprising since veganism has risen by 360% in the UK in the last ten years. There are now 542,000 vegans – more than 1% of the population – aged 15+ according to the Vegan Society, and they say it is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements. The choice of non-dairy milks in supermarkets and health food shops is huge and not restricted to soya with many nut-based varieties on offer. Garbo’s, Mosaic, The Square Peg and of course Urban Zen which is totally vegan all offer plant based food. I have been told that the avocado and tomato on toast from The Square Peg in Sketty is fast becoming a favourite breakfast for one of our electrician advertisers and his team. Rachel Jamison has another vegan recipe – a pate made from lentils, cashew nuts and sun dried tomatoes, stuffed into giant mushrooms – that is definitely on my to-try list this month.

I’m sure there will be many of you who remember tie-dyeing from the 70s: Filling buckets with Dylon and then winding string or elastic bands around a white T shirt to make a unique piece of clothing. Sarah Davies of Sew Sweet William, introduces the art of shibori dyeing – which is a Japanese technique involving folding, twisting, bunching and binding fabric before dyeing with indigo. The patterns that can be created are far more sophisticated than I remember being able to achieve, so I’m definitely going to give this a go.

I hope you have a lovely month – we’ll be at the Gower Show on the 7th so do pop in to say hello if you’re passing.