Hello & Welcome

to the 100th edition of TheBAY

For everyone involved in Bay, this represents 10 years of our lives – and is quite an achievement. See our Lifestyle & Leisure section to read more about Bay’s first 10 years!

This May issue is crammed with great ideas of things to do and places to go. Liz Barry has just returned from a two-month sojourn in India where she taught at an International film school in the heart of Bollywood. In our Lifestyle and Leisure section she recounts her visit to the Taj Mahal at dawn. If you have ever thought of taking a trip to India and are interested in photography, read the article for details of a tour with Liz that takes in Delhi and Agra.

Pirates have been a hot topic in the Williams’ household for some weeks. Our grandson is planning his 4th birthday party which will be on the beach and pirate themed. Nick Smith too has been on a swash buckling adventure to the Caribbean islands of St Vincent and the Grenadines where the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed.

Emlyn Roberts-Harry has been looking at his favourite films from the past year. Many of them won’t have come to our local cinemas so this is your opportunity to view them on download or DVD. Mark Rees is gearing up for his annual pilgrimage to Hay on Wye – I have to confess that I have never been to the festival but love the little town when it is free from the crowds. Not far from there is the village of Glasbury where there is a lovely little restaurant called the River Café. This is where we sometimes meet up with Liam Bird so that we can have a bite to eat and admire the latest car that he is test-driving. This month Liam reviews the Aston Martin Vantage – who says that there aren’t perks to this job?

We don’t have a walk, or a bike ride this month – Ian Bateman was in training for a 60-mile charity bike-ride and Kim has been on another of his long-distance rides possibly in Sweden to see the Fjords. What we do have though is an account by historian Gerald Gabb of a walk or more specifically a preambulation. This was an annual event undertaken by the Burgesses to walk the boundary of the city, but it reads more like a very drunken affair with the amount of alcohol that they took with them. What made this story more interesting for me was the fact that it followed the path of St David’s Ditch – a small stream that passes almost beneath our cottage. If only I could go back in time to watch this inebriated procession pass by my garden.

On the subject of gardens, a date for your diary is the Usk Open Gardens weekend at the end of June. There are more than twenty gardens to visit over the two-day event. Staying in the garden have you noticed the increase in the number of butterflies fluttering by recently? If you don’t know your Painted Lady from your Red Admiral, see our Home and Garden section where Dan Rouse helps to identify the different varieties.

This month we have another spring recipe from Angela Gray’s Cookery School book. This recipe for cawl looks a lot more complex than my usual bung it in the pot and simmer until tender, but the addition of the seared lamb loin elevates this dish well above the soup of my childhood.

 I hope you enjoy this issue. We’ll be back in June with another jam-packed edition.

Enjoy all that May has to offer and see you next month.