Hello & Welcome

to the May edition of the BAY magazine with editor Lesley Williams

Hello and welcome to the May issue of Bay

I get a lot of people telling me that they really enjoy receiving the magazine through their letterbox each month, and that they read it from cover to cover.  Obviously this gives me great pleasure as this is exactly what we set out to achieve. I hope this issue hits the mark – it’s certainly got plenty of information in it.

I learn a huge amount from the articles that our contributors send in. For instance, this month I learnt the difference between a deputyship order and a lasting power of attorney from DJM’s article. We’ve also got great advice from Neil Franklin for those who are starting out in business, or those who maybe need to take a closer look at how their business is performing.

Next month sees the celebrations for the Queen’s platinum jubilee taking place across the city, you’ll find an update from the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Louise Fleet, and news of how the visit by Sophie the Countess of Wessex went.

This month sees the launch of the Pilgrimage Way which Ian Bateman has been featuring as his walk of the month this year. This month we have part four, with the final leg of the 50 mile journey coming next month. Details of all the walks so far, can be found on our website and more information can be found on the official Pilgrimage Way website at gowerma.org/gower-pilgrimage-way.

To Mark Rees’ delight, the Hay Festival makes a very welcome return at the end of this month. Mark’s been taking a look at some of the big names who will be appearing at the festival, which will feature more than 500 events from 26 May to 5 June.

I hope you’re enjoying the monthly updates from the beehives in Penclawdd. I’m learning so much about bees and paying much more attention to them when I see them buzzing around. Don’t forget that if you want to try some of Marcus and Shelley’s local honey, you will find details of how to order at the end of the article.

Private Chef Christos has another recipe for us  – spiced lamb börek. Börek is a type of pastry made from filo or yufka pastry. I’d never heard of yufka but Christos tells me that I should be able to find it quite easily in a Turkish or Middle Eastern deli. I love spanakopita, so am keen to try my hand at a börek – I hope you will too.

Staying with the food theme,  Nick Smith tells us of his culinary adventures in Sweden. It appears to be a seafood lover’s paradise and is now on my ever-growing list of places I want to visit.

I hope you have a fabulous May and we’ll be back with you next month. Lesley x