Hello & Welcome

to the June edition of the BAY magazine with editor Lesley Williams

Hello and welcome to the July issue of Bay

As I write this at the end of June, the sun is out and the sky is blue, but by the time you sit down to read this, it may well have all changed.

Children will shortly be breaking up for the summer holidays and we will all be hoping that the days will be long and hot, just as we think we remember them, although in reality not all summers were filled with sunshine. July 1968 wasn’t particularly warm or sunny; dust from the Sahara blew in and caused thick dense clouds that blocked out the sun. Rain and hail damaged property and there was widespread flooding. And of course there was the summer of 1976 which I remember as being so long and so hot. If we are not blessed with sunshine this year, there is always the option of taking the children to the cinema; Emlyn recommends Lightyear. If you loved Toy Story, then this is a film for you.

Mark Rees has news of celebrations to mark the 125th birthday of the Grand Theatre. Things were being finalised as we went to print, but Mark has details of how you can keep up to date . The Fluellen Theatre is back with their guided Dylan Thomas tours and Paul Weller is coming to Singleton Park.

Liz Barry is back this month with tales of her travels with her camera. Last month she returned to Greece for a bit more island hopping. This month she takes us to Naxos where the skies were blue and the sea even bluer.

Nick Smith’s to the Ends of the Earth, is a lot closer to home. Nick hired a narrowboat and journeyed on the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal. Simon and I rented an electric boat for a day, on the same stretch of the canal last year. It’s so peaceful travelling by water, and it’s difficult to get the gentle Scottish voice of Josh MacRae singing Messing about on the River out of your head.

I was delighted to hear from Lyn Gardener of the Cats Protection, that Bagheera who featured in last month’s magazine had been adopted by a couple and had found his forever home. Good news stories like that really do make my day. There are so many cats and kittens looking for good homes, so if you think there may be room in your life and your home, for a four legged fiend, and that’s not a typo, do get in touch with CP.

Dr Alyson Hitch always manages to find books of great beauty. They aren’t the sort of book that you sit down and read from beginning to end, but rather those that you open at random and marvel at the photography or the illustrations. This July her book of the month is The Hidden Beauty of Seeds and Fruits; it would make a wonderful gift for any keen gardener or botanist, or simply someone who appreciates beauty.

That’s it from me for this month, we’ll be back in August – have a lovely month.

Lesley x