Hello & Welcome

to the July edition of the BAY magazine with editor Lesley Williams

I had a surprise call last month from a PR company, to say that we had WON an award for Best Lifestyle Magazine in Wales. Of course, we were very pleased to think that our hard work had been recognised especially as we were amongst six finalists, but we won’t let it go to our heads.

We’ve got lots in store for you in this issue. Kim Jones takes us on a bike ride to the source of the River Severn and back again, while Nick Smith saddles up a completely different mode of transport when he recounts his travels in Montana. Saddles aren’t the only connection between these two articles either, Montana is known as the big sky country and judging by Kim’s photographs, so too could the Cambrian Mountains.

Surfer Chris Guts Griffiths has never missed a Bay copy deadline, but he certainly took it to the wire for this issue, staying up to the wee small hours in order to submit his article on time. He and his photographer Paul Gill had a major data storage card malfunction, which threatened to jeopardise his blemish free record – until they managed to find some last-minute waves.

Charles Wilson Watkins has been researching the Battle of Gower and its links with 1066 and the much more famous Battle of Hastings. You’ll pass the site of the battle when you travel to Gorseinon via Fforestfach – there is a signpost on Hospital Road, but you’ll have to look hard as some kind soul has painted the brown sign, white.

I don’t often get excited about gadgets, I’m just not a gadget girl, but last month I came across something that made me want to shout how great it is from the rooftops. If you’ve ever lost an earring, you’ll love LOX – they replace the usual butterfly or bullet style earring closures and will not come off until you press the release button. It’s what all earring wearers have been waiting for.

I hope you enjoy reading our fitness pages with Nicky Holland. His advice is always on point, and relevant to anyone who is trying to improve their fitness levels. This month he discusses how we have to meet our expectations with reality, which since we have only been able to go back to the gym recently is really pertinent. As soon as we were able, Simon and I got back into the swing of going to the gym regularly and we followed Nicky’s advice to take it slowly and work our way back to our previous levels gradually. If you take a look at his website, you will find lots of videos and information that will help you build up your fitness levels – you don’t even need to go to the gym as much of his workout can be followed at home www.nicky-fitness.com.

Now that the weather has improved we’ve been making the most of barbequing when we can. I generally cook fish, as not only does it cook quickly and the skin gets deliciously crispy, but there is no fishy smell in the house. I bought some really fresh trout from the Market Plaice in Swansea Market last month, which went down a storm with all the family including the cat. Chef Christos has an authentic Greek souvlaki recipe which I’ll certainly be trying out.

If you’ve ever considered adopting a cat, the Cats Protection article will be of interest. Although I’m not sure which way it works as in my experience it’s the cat that adopted us – but we wouldn’t be without him now, he’s one of the family.

On reflection, maybe I can see why we won the best lifestyle magazine award – looking at the calibre of the content our fabulous contributors send in, maybe it isn’t so surprising.

That’s all for now, enjoy whatever July has to offer and we’ll be back with you in August.