Hello & Welcome

to the May edition of TheBAY

We’ve got another issue full of fabulous editorial for you this month. We’re very lucky to have such talented writers in our midst, and we keep adding to our contributor list. We welcome Emlyn Roberts-Harry to the fold this month, with his debut review for us, of the film Alien Covenant. I know that this sci-fi horror genre isn’t for everyone – we even had to be careful in choosing the image to put in, as quite frankly some of them were horrific.

The rest of our content isn’t at all scary, well not really. I had a close encounter with a rather large lion and his family, when I spent the day at Folly Farm, last month. The enclosure, features a huge plate glass window which allows for totally uninterrupted views of the pride – and them of us. I must admit that I was totally unaware of the zoo at Folly Farm, and of the old-fashioned fun fair. It will certainly be on my list of places to go again, this summer as we didn’t get to see half of the attractions on offer in one day. Another thing on my to-do again list is the FootGolf down on the sea-front. If you’ve never played, then I can’t recommend it highly enough – no matter what your age. Allow at least two hours to complete the round, as it is a full 18 hole course – and they are very big holes. You don’t need to take any equipment – especially golf clubs – footballs are supplied, along with score cards.

A few weeks ago, I received a phone call. The caller told me that he was calling from Talk Talk – my internet provider. He said that they had detected a problem with my computer that he was going to fix – All I had to do was turn on my computer and let him access my desktop. Now I was brought up to be polite and so what I did next went very much against the grain, but I put the phone down on him. I was aware of a telephone scam, which has seen individuals losing vast sums of money after these types of fraudsters have accessed their computers. Read how you can protect yourself, and remember that putting the phone down on these criminals isn’t rude – they don’t deserve politeness.

As we go to print, the country is preparing itself for a General Election. Family historian Charles Wilson Watkins has been looking at Swansea’s political past – it’s interesting to see how things have changed in almost 200 years.

We’ve got some fabulous travel articles for you this month, from Bali, Sri Lanka and the Cairngorms. Kim Jones usually brings us a local mountain bike ride, but he’s recently come back from cycling in Scotland. His trips always take a funny turn and this one was no different – and it involves a sock. Nick Smith’s ‘From the ends of the earth’ this month comes from Sri Lanka, which he describes as a photographer’s dream.

Our photojournalist Liz Barry, who adorns our cover this month, booked a holiday in Bali – nothing unusual in that you’d think. It is for Liz who doesn’t usually book a holiday, but plans her travels independently. This time she was looking for some R and R, so packed just her compact camera. She still managed to capture the essence of the island.

I hope you enjoy this month’s magazine – we’ll be back in July when summer should be in full swing!