Hello & Welcome

to the March issue of the BAY magazine

At the time of going to press the wind and rain has been pretty relentless, right across the country. Trees have been uprooted and fence panels blown over. I just hope that this month’s weather is a bit calmer and that it doesn’t come in like a lion.

We don’t have a bike ride or a walk for you in this issue. Ian Bateman has injured himself and is recuperating, while Kim Jones is on a cycling odyssey in the Scottish Highlands. But that’s not to say that we don’t have plenty of articles to keep you entertained. On the subject of odysseys Nick Smith has been following in the footsteps of Homer, when he spent some time on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Nick doesn’t think much of the touristy parts of Turkey such as Istanbul or Marmaris, but it would seem that he is in good company in finding the Dacta Peninsula so attractive.

    Liz Barry too, has been travelling to sunnier climes when she continues her island hopping in Thailand. I’m glad she didn’t bring me back a souvenir from this trip. We get a lot of great feedback on our photography in Bay, and we often hear people say that their holiday photographs never come up to expectation. Well now you can have a holiday, while getting expert tuition from our very own photojournalist Liz Barry. Liz has been teaching for many years – just last year she spent two months in India teaching in a Bollywood film studio. In October, Liz will be going on tour with NEI UK and you could be part of that trip.

We have a different kind of photography, one that requires a completely different skill set. Chris Griffiths explains how to get the perfect surfing shot – but you’ll need nerves of steel.

Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder what happened to your younger self? Is it because it happens so slowly, so gradually, that you don’t notice the lines and wrinkles appearing? Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about the ageing process – from my personal experience I know what a privilege it is to grow old. We all know of someone who didn’t ever get to the stage where they had to worry about crow’s feet – but, just consider all the other things they didn’t get to enjoy. Personally, I’m not in favour of facial aesthetics, Botox, fillers and the like – yes, we can see that I hear you say! But when Philippa Lowcock of Totem Reflexology asked me to try out her new treatment – the Zone Face Lift massage – I was happy to oblige.

Our Health and Wellbeing section has grown over the years to include not only mainstream medicine but also some alternative therapies. I hope you find the articles interesting and informative. I find Nicky Holland’s contributions very useful, and this month he’s debunking some of the diet and fitness mistakes.

Many thanks to all of you who got in touch regarding our need for new deliverers – we had lots of interest and have now got not just a replacement but several people on stand-by.

Enjoy March and all it has to offer – we’ll be back in April.