Hello & Welcome

to the April edition of the BAY magazine

The evenings are getting lighter and the blossom is appearing on the trees, we have had our first vaccinations and we are slowly coming out of lockdown – it’s been a long year.

Hopefully, over the coming months we will be able to start going out and socialising again – albeit in a slightly different way from before. It seems quite strange to see photos of events that happened pre-Covid, where people were standing close to each other or even hugging! The Grand Theatre has announced ticket sales for the pantomime this year – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – this is bound to be a sell-out so don’t delay in booking your seats. There are concerts in Singleton Park planned for July and August, and some outdoor cinema dates too. Things are beginning to return to normal.

 Ian’s walk for this month again stays local, in line with government guidelines. But aren’t we lucky to live in one of the most beautiful places in the UK? Ian takes us on a circular walk that starts in Mumbles and continues through Clyne Gardens where the azaleas and rhododendrons are preparing themselves for their spectacular displays. Did you know that the tallest magnolia in Britain, magnolia campbellii var. Alba is here in Clyne? The walk is about seven miles, but be warned, at the start it can be a bit muddy on the common stretch.

Liz Barry returns this month to continue her travels through Thailand. This article should have been published last April, but due to the pandemic that issue didn’t go to print. With foreign travel still on hold, we thought you’d appreciate some pictures of white sand and azure seas to whet your appetite for future holidays.

Closer to home, but still keeping the location close to his chest, Chris Guts Griffiths has been enjoying some tubular surfing. We have had some complaints in the past, because Chris doesn’t always identify the beaches that he goes to. This is his prerogative – we all have a favourite spot that we don’t want to share with others for fear that it will become too popular. Apparently, the perfect tube wave is unusual around these parts, so this was a very special window of opportunity for Chris and friends.

With cinemas still closed at the time of going to print, Emlyn Roberts-Harry has selected a few films that can be viewed on Netflix or Prime Video. One from his selection is a favourite of mine – The Good Liar with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen. It’s the story of a con man who tries to hustle a wealthy widow; only things don’t go according to plan for him. I loved it.

We’ve had some lovely correspondence in the past few weeks, firstly:

Hi Bay team, Thanks for another good read. I know it’s a business but I think the Bay magazine is somehow a string pulling the community together, nicely done. I particularly enjoy the mindful gardening and this month the article on fasting. I soak up anything on history – great to unveil the interest in the nooks and corners… and then of course the possibilities for the future. With kind regards Dom.

We  also  received  an  email  from Michelle Kenny who wanted to show us what her mother-in-law had done with Bay front covers. We were delighted that she had loved them so much that they had pride of place on her wall. Getting this sort of feedback really does make our day!

Have a great April – we’ll be back in May