Hello & Welcome

to the November edition of TheBAY

As I sit at my desk writing this, the sun is streaming in through my window, making it hard to see my computer screen. The trees are losing their leaves and there is an autumnal nip in the air, and advent calendars are on sale in the supermarket – 2020 is getting closer.

It’s been a funny old year – it’s certainly gone by far too quickly, but that’s just a sign of getting older.

It’s all relative isn’t it? Waiting for Christmas to come when you’re eight years old is 1/8th of your life – when you’re sixty it’s 1/60th. That’s why my birthdays seem to be coming around sooner too.

Cats Protection this month is encouraging us to adopt a cat instead of buying a pedigree pooch. I have just received an email to say that Sarla’s cat Molly has finally been adopted – I would like to personally thank the lady who has taken her in – I know Sarla would be delighted that Molly has now got a new home. I would have taken her in myself, but we have already adopted Buddy who continues to cost us a fortune in vet’s bills –the latest for some dentistry – the removal of five molars. I am assured by the vet that he will manage perfectly well without them. I am now on a mission to make sure that he hangs onto his remaining fangs and have been looking on YouTube at tutorials – the cats featured all seem to be very compliant – not sure Buddy will be so amenable.

Nick Smith saw some of Buddy’s distant relatives – only much bigger cats on a trip to Namibia – he had been commissioned to go in search of desert elephants – but I’ll let you read how he got on in our Lifestyle section.

Chris Guts Griffiths continues his Yorkshire Odyssey– and samples some of the UK’s best fish and chips in Whitby. Simon and I have also been sampling fish and chips, but a lot closer to home at El Pescador in the marina. Isn’t it funny how we are living right on the coast and yet don’t have many serious fish restaurants. El Pescador translates as The Fisherman, so as you’d expect, there is a fair amount of fish on the menu – and very good it is too. If you prefer meat, then our recipe from the Eat Welsh Beef website will be just up your street – Welsh beef ribs in a rich sauce.

Beef ribs are just the sort of meal that you’ll need after following Ian Bateman’s walk. This month he takes us a little way out of Swansea to Newcastle Emlyn and the famous Cenarth Falls. When Ian did this walk back in August, the river was very quiet, but I expect it will be rushing more ferociously after the recent rain – and do take care.

Each month, we have to come up with an idea for our front cover. Some months it’s an easy decision – as soon as a picture comes through with an article you know it’s ‘the one’. Other times we deliberate and cogitate for ages. This month it was an easy choice – as soon as Dan Rouse sent in her article on Welsh bird’s names – the kingfisher stood out. I’ve only seen a kingfisher on a couple of occasions, but I can still remember the streak of electric blue skimming the water. They almost look too exotic to be native British birds.

Charles Wilson-Watkins received an interesting letter last month, from a lady in Canada who had found reference on-line to one of her relatives. It was an article that Charles had written about the Jewish cemeteries in Swansea.

I hope you enjoy all that we have to offer in this issue – we’ll be back next month with a double issue for December and January.

Have a great November