Hello & Welcome

to the July edition of TheBAY

Well the sun arrived at the end of last month, just as we were going to print the temperature started to rise and warm weather was on the horizon. I hope that by the time you’re reading this, we are basking in sunshine and hitting the beach.

Sadly, one person who won’t be enjoying the heat-wave is our editorial consultant, Sarla Langdon, who as I write this is laid up in Morriston Hospital. For the first time in her career she missed a copy deadline and was not happy with that at all. I’m sure that this is only a temporary blip and that she’ll back at her desk very soon.

I clearly remember July 1969. It was the month I left Sketty school aged 11. One teacher signed my autograph book ‘Mrs Thomas July ’69 Moon Landing Year’. When Nick Smith and I were discussing upcoming articles, he casually said ‘I interviewed Buzz Aldrin – shall we do that in July?’ Let’s just get this into perspective, Nick has been in the company of a man who has actually walked on the moon – how many people can make that claim? You’ll find it in our Lifestyle and Leisure.

Another 50-year milestone this year is Swansea achieving city status. I remember the 3rd July 1969 being a Girl Guide and standing in Singleton Park waiting for Prince Charles to drive by – much excitement from a gaggle of 11-year olds. Liz Hinds has taken a trip down memory lane this month. I love the pic of her and her friend on Donkey Rock on Rotherslade –but Liz is braver than me as the sea temperature has to be very warm before I will venture in.

Ian Bateman’s walk of the month takes us west towards Tenby, the subject of our front cover. The walk doesn’t exactly go to the beach, but I’ve used artistic licence to use one of Liz Barry’s fab photographs as it is such a summery shot. The walk is pretty strenuous – 10 miles – but has some lovely views. Did you do last month’s walk – the one that started in Crickhowell and climbed to the top of Table Mountain? We did it with our 4-year old grandson Archie who marched right up to the top of the hill…. In fact, I think he probably walked further than us with all his extra to-ing and fro-ing. He slept well that night!

I am fussy about my bread and love to buy artisanal loaves from the Uplands market. But I may not need to do that so often now, as I have the bread making bug after doing a course at the One Mile Bakery Pontardawe. You can read all about it in our food and drink section and there’s even a code to get a 15% discount on all courses booked by the end of August. We’ve also got a OMB recipe for a Perl Las loaf to get you started.

Hopefully, those of you who have not been receiving Bay on a regular basis will now have it popping through the letterbox. We had an unprecedented response to our request for new deliverers for Tycoch, Sketty and Derwen Fawr. Thank you to all of you who got in touch and welcome to the Bay team!

Have a fab July and we’ll be back in August.