Hello & Welcome

to the February edition of TheBAY

Here we are again, in our 10th year of publishing Bay. What a long way we have come in those ten years. How many of you received our first issue – I know that many thought we’d be lucky to get to issue number 3 and here we are at number 97.

I’ve had several enquiries as to the progress of our little cat following his operation. Buddy or as he is now affectionately known Kat Cat, suffered a broken ankle after being attacked by a local cat who was evidently affronted by the new kid on the block. The lovely vets at St James’ advised that it was such a nasty break that the best treatment could be found in the University vet’s in Bristol. After the operation which was to attach a metal frame to his leg to hold it rigid while it healed, Kat Cat had to be confined to a cage for almost 12 weeks – he wasn’t happy. At Christmas time he was able to hop around on three legs, but wasn’t putting the damaged leg on the ground. But now, I am happy to report, he is mainly weight bearing on all four paws and back to having freedom to roam. He recently joined me in the studio – taking up residence on my desk and overseeing the production on the magazine.

Swansea Cats Protection has lots of cats looking for new homes – alternatively, why not consider being a fosterer. Some of the cats and kittens just need temporary homes while a permanent one is found for them – or maybe they are not in the best of health and need a little extra love and attention. In our Home & Garden section you will find details on what it takes to be a foster parent to a kitty and contact information on adopting.

Ian Bateman continues his walk from the source of the Tawe down to Swansea. He originally thought it would be a 3-part walk but on reflection he thinks it might be better in 4. This month’s section takes us from the Tafarn Y Garreg pub down to Ystradgynlais – a distance of about 10 miles. Ian says that it is a moderate walk – but knowing that Ian is as fit as the proverbial butcher’s dog I would take his estimate of 3 to 4 hours to complete this linear hike with a large pinch of salt!

Nick Smith, when he isn’t compiling joke books, travels with his camera. This month he relates his experience of Sulawesi. We had to think long and hard before publishing this account as it comes so soon after the dreadful earthquake and tsunami of September last year. However so much of what Nick says – bearing in mind it was written before the disaster – has proved to be true. Let’s hope that the island and its people can fully recover.

Lastly, I would like to pay tribute to Jon Lewin who tragically died last month. Jon was a photographer and food writer who had contributed to the magazine in the past. Jon died doing what he loved best – surfing in the seas of Sri Lanka – he will be missed by everyone who knew him. In our Food & Drink section we publish one of Jon’s recipes.