Hello & Welcome

to the June edition of TheBAY

I hope you like our cover photo this month. It’s not a stock image but was taken by our very own Liz Barry while on a safari in the Ranthambore National Park in Northern India. It’s a Bengal tiger and Liz had her close encounter during her two-month trip to India earlier this year. I’m sure you’ll agree, that the only shooting of these magnificent animals should be with a camera.

From big cats to little cats, we have an article by Swansea Cats Protection on what to do if your puss goes missing. Now that I am a cat owner, I often worry that Buddy will roam – if you remember that’s how he came to us in the first place. I suppose it’s a fine line between keeping your cat safe and keeping your cat captive. Buddy is definitely an outdoor cat – he spends much of his day lounging in the garden, with the occasional tour of the neighbourhood, but as soon as it is getting dark I bring him in and lock the cat-flap. He seems happy with this arrangement and after breakfast he’s out on the prowl again.

Dan Rouse’s article this month is on the bee. Bees have been a hot topic for some time now with numbers declining dramatically in the past 30 years. Dan gives us some ways to identify the different types of bee, offers some suggestions of how to encourage them into our gardens and tells how we can help to make our community bee-friendly. As I am writing this a big red-tailed bumblebee has flown into the studio and is gently buzzing at the window. It is such a beautiful sound, but I’m sure he’ll be happier on my nasturtiums which have bizarrely been in bloom since February.

If wandering around gardens appeals to you and you are a bit nosey like me, then you’ll definitely not want to miss the Llanmadoc Open Gardens Day at the beginning of July. This year sees the 23rd annual event which has raised over £100,000 for charities to date. The chosen charities for 2019 are Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research Wales, Alzheimer’s Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Entrance is just £5 and there is transport available around the village.

Mark Rees has picked his top 5 things to do on the arts and culture scene in the coming weeks. The Gower Walking Festival is first up – this takes place right at the beginning of this month so if you don’t read your magazine immediately you may well miss it. But don’t worry, the walks are available all year round – just not with a guide. Ian Bateman has a fabulous walk for June; it centres around the town of Crickhowell which is about an hour’s drive from Swansea. There are some excellent pubs and shops – Crickhowell was recently voted the ‘best place to live in Wales’ by The Times. I’m not sure that I agree as I think that Swansea is pretty special. Ian has split the walk into two parts so that you can decide on how strenuous you want to make it.

We often publish travel articles that are meant to whet your appetite and encourage you to pick up your passport and pack your bag, but Nick Smith’s destination for June is definitely not recommended, in fact the Government website says, “The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to Syria”. Nick visited Syria about 10 years ago, I’m sure you’ll find his account of that trip very interesting.

Are you ready for summer? Nicky Holland has lots of advice if you want to get your body in better shape for wearing shorts and swimsuits – it’s not too late. You’ll find his top tips for getting the best results from dieting and exercise. There is also some sound advice from The Herbal Clinic on making the most of the sunshine.

That’s it for now, it’s going to be a busy month at Bay HQ, but we’ll be back in time for July.