Hello & Welcome

to the May edition of the BAY magazine with editor Lesley Williams

This month we welcome a new contributor to the fold. Christos Georgakis joins our merry band and will be providing us with recipes to inspire us in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I have days when I am more than happy to spend time preparing meals – the sort of food that takes time and effort – and on other occasions I really can’t be bothered to do more than poach a couple of eggs and butter some toast. Christos’ recipe this month is one that I’m looking forward to putting to the test – I have made spanakopita, a filo pastry pie filled with spinach and feta, but this one, the hortopita uses a mixture of greens and herbs and you don’t cook the greens but chop them finely before adding to the pie.

Christos is a private chef, and as lockdown eases you’ll be able to engage him to come and cook for you in your own home. Now that is a stress-free way to host a dinner party. Look out for Christos’ recipes in future issues of Bay – they won’t all be Greek, but I can guarantee they will be tasty.

Kim Jones is back this month with another bike ride. He has stayed pretty close to home and centres his ride around Rhigos – about 30 minutes drive up the A465. Now that restrictions on travel are being relaxed we are able to travel further afield, but for some of us the thought of visiting crowded resorts isn’t very appealing – I’m pretty sure that this circular route around Rhigos isn’t going to be busy.

Meanwhile Nick Smith has been in the French highlands – the Massif Central, writing for an up-market glossy magazine – no not Bay! He travels to Auvergne in style, in a red 1964 Ford Mustang and goes on a gastronomic tour of this mountainous region with its dormant volcanoes. A quick internet check tells me that it is just under 13 hours to Auvergne from Swansea by car and Eurotunnel. That’s another destination to add to my ever-growing to-do list.

Dr Alyson Hitch has some interesting books this month. Two in particular are of interest to me, one gives the history of symbols that are in everyday use such as the hashtag and the ampersand – have you ever wondered where they originated? The other is about vintage advertising – something that is close to our hearts here at Bay HQ, where adverts are our life-blood. I have selected a couple of books in my Culinary Causerie in our food and drink section. We haven’t been able to do many restaurant reviews in recent weeks, so this month I have chosen a couple of books that have caught my eye. They aren’t cookery books but do have a culinary theme.

Now that the weather is getting warmer we are able to start planting out our summer bedding and vegetables. You’ll get plenty of inspiration from Fulke Andel and Sophie Lacey in our gardening section.

Have a great May and we’ll be back with you in flaming June.