Hello & Welcome

to the Winter edition of TheBAY

If the cover this month looks a little familiar, it’s because we have re-used Simon’s illustration from last year. We had so many people comment that they loved the old fashioned style and colours that it seemed too good an opportunity to miss – I hope you like it.

It’s been a very busy year and it seems to have passed far too quickly. The long-range forecast is for a harsh winter with snow starting later this month – time to get the toboggan out of the garden shed. Talking of garden sheds, our studio in the garden from where we produce Bay, was broken into last month. We had intended to do a November issue followed by a winter one for December and January, but thanks to the mindless idiots who decided to break in and cause havoc, we have had to roll them all into one publication. Apparently we weren’t the only ones to be burgled in the early hours of that Saturday morning – there were quite a few others within the area. Fortunately, apart from the disruption caused by the mess, a mobile phone and some cards and cash were the only things stolen. If the perpetrators are caught and we have the opportunity to complete a victim impact statement, I will tell them that their mindless act stopped us being able to do an honest day’s work – something I doubt that they have ever done or indeed intend doing in the future.

Now that I have got that off my chest – it’s on with the good news. Fulke Andel sings the praises of garden tools by Burgon & Ball and suggests them as an ideal Christmas present for a garden enthusiast. They are the UK’s oldest manufacturer of garden tools – they started out in 1730 making agricultural shears, and have partnered with us in a competition to WIN an amazing collection of tools worth £247. To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize go to Home & Gardening section where you will find full details. I will be urging the winner to take extra special care in locking them up securely in case you know who is on the prowl.

Nick Smith has a very seasonal ‘To the Ends of the Earth’ for us in this issue – Canada’s Winter Wonderland, where he stays in an ice hotel, eats lots of poutine – a dish of chips, cheese and gravy and discovers the unglamorous side to dog sledging. Liz too has been travelling with her camera, this time to the USA where she took part in some very seasonal activities involving pumpkins and chrysanthemums – all of which make for fab imagery.

Ian Bateman’s walk for our winter edition is part of a trilogy – all following the river Tawe from its source to the sea. In this part he’s searching for its beginnings just like Speke and Burton seeking the source of the Nile, but without the danger of crocodiles.

As usual, this edition of Bay is packed with interesting stuff brought to you by our wonderful team of contributors, who we are totally indebted to. They along with our loyal advertisers are what makes this magazine ‘tick’ and I would like to give them an enormous Thank You for all their commitment in 2018.

Which just leaves me to say have a fabulous Christmas and a happy new year – see you in 2019.