Hello & Welcome

to the October edition of TheBAY

It’s hard to believe that it is October already, I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that this year has gone by unbelievably quickly. I was rather taken aback when I went into the supermarket at the end of last month, to find that the shelves were stacked with mince pies and other festive treats – and the weather outside was about 21 degrees.

We have another jam-packed issue for you this month – it is lovely when people say to me that they love the fact that we have so much editorial content, and that it is all so interesting. We do work very hard to make sure that we meet the industry standard of 60% editorial to 40% advertising, and it is thanks wholly to our lovely contributors who write for us. This month as it will soon be Hallowe’en we have the added bonus of a short story Dreamcoat in our lifestyle section written by Matthew G Rees, who has recently published a book of short stories Keyhole. If you enjoy Dreamcoat and would like to read more of Matthews work, Keyhole is available from Cover to Cover on Newton Road, Mumbles.

Mark Rees keeps with the spooky theme in his review of a film that is due for release on DVD on 14th October, The Curse of Halloween Jack. It is the work of producer, director and writer Andrew Jones who filmed much of it in and around Swansea.

We couldn’t let Hallowe’en pass without featuring black cats, and the Cats Protection introduce us to the black cats that they have in their care, who are looking for forever homes. I’m not sure who would be the luckiest – the cat for finding a new home or the owner for always having a lucky mascot to hand. I have only been a cat owner for a year – regular readers will know the story of our lucky tabby – but I wouldn’t be without him now. Yes, they are a law unto themselves and they live by their own rules, but there is nothing more relaxing than sitting with a contented cat purring noisily on your lap. The added bonus is that we haven’t seen a mouse since Buddy moved in!

We have a new contributor on board this month, Neil Franklin is joining us to give business and career advice. If you have any questions to put to Neil, then drop me a line at lesley@theswanseabay.co.uk . Neil makes his introduction in our business section and if you want career advice please get in touch.

Dan Rouse’s article (home and garden) is on the subject of fantastic  fungi, some of which look as if they have been taken straight from the pages of a fairytale book. Please be very aware that some fungi are poisonous. As Dani says in her article  – all fungi are edible – some only once! Something that is not at all toxic is the recipe for sticky lamb riblets on page 106. Breast of lamb is often considered too fatty and not meaty enough to be worth bothering with, but with this recipe the lamb is cooked slowly to extract all the fat, before roasting and glazing. It would make the perfect finger food for a Hallowe’en or Guy Fawkes party.

Have a wonderful October and we’ll see you in November.