The Dolphin Inn, Llanrhidian

The Dolphin Inn, Llanrhidian A truly local pub  

dolphin-innAre you fed up of super-smart pubs with fancy restaurants? Are you looking for a watering hole that is unpretentious and yet full of natural character? Then I’ll see you at the Dolphin in Llanrhidian, where simplicity and robust local tradition reign supreme.

I waddled in for lunch on a weekday, stopping to exchange a friendly cluck with the hens in the little petting area. The lovely old building, with its little nooks and crannies and low beamed ceilings offered a chummy welcome in the form of a nice young man at the bar.

This pub has not been titivated or decorated in any irritating way at all and yet is not twee in any sense. It’s just a very natural, very warm and friendly place, the ideal spot to eat the gigantic ham salad I ordered. The ham was thick, nutty and of the highest quality you could dream of, probably from a very contented Gower piggy. Relaxed locals wandered in and out with pleasant smiles and greetings. Arcadia indeed!

It was difficult to tear myself away –but I can always go again….and so can you.

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