Sausage Making

a pastime for the patient.

Sausage making – a pastime for the patient.

sausagemakerpicSausages make an economical meal at a time when most people are trying to cut their weekly shopping bill. Sausage and mash, toad in the hole, sausage casserole and that great British institution the all-day breakfast all rely on the appearance of the humble banger.

But, if like me you prefer a superior sausage they can be costly. So when Lakeland sent TheBAY a sausage making kit and meat mincer to review, I researched the best cuts of meat to use and discovered that belly pork with its good ratio of meat to fat was ideal.

The kit contains a filling bag, sausage casings and a dry mix that provides the seasoning and breadcrumbs. All you need to add is the meat – 1.5Kg of it. This kit makes about 20 sausages and costs £8.99. Factor in the cost of the pork – about £9 and you can see that these are going to cost about 90p per sausage.

Firstly I had to assemble the mincer and attach it to the worktop. I had read on the Lakeland site that some customers had had a problem in getting the mincer to stay attached by its suction pad. I had no problem – it held firm while I fed the belly pork into the top and turned the handle. It is not a job for the impatient or those in a hurry with hungry mouths to feed.

Once minced the meat is mixed with ice cold water and the seasoning mix.

Now came the fun bit.

I filled the bag and, having already read some reviews on the Lakeland website that had said that you’d need the muscles of a Russian shot putter to be able to squeeze the bag while holding onto  the casing – only put a quarter of the meat in. Popping the sausage skins onto the end of the bag I began to squeeze the sausage meat into the skin. It wasn’t easy – but once I got the pressure right I was pleased with my effort. A couple of quick turns and I had a respectable couple of links of sausages.

They need to settle in the fridge overnight – I did say this isn’t a job for the impatient – and after a good night’s rest in the fridge they were ready to be cooked.

Never before have I treated sausages with such respect. I gently fried them in vegetable oil until they were golden brown and cooked through then served them up for lunch. The verdict? Very nice –meaty and juicy – but worth 90p each?  I’m not convinced.

The mincer however is well worth investing in. I will make my own sausage meat in future for sausage rolls etc and it will come into its own for mincing beef for beefburgers.

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