With Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths

This year we have been treated to some fantastic photography courtesy of Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths and his surfing mates, and this month is no exception – in fact we think they have surpassed themselves on this trip to Ireland.

The Emerald Isle

So with all this in mind, I excitedly booked myself a couple of weeks off work towards the end of September and headed west to catch a ferry. Tagging along for the ride were my son Connor and local surf photographer Paul Gill.Ireland is a beautiful country full of warm, friendly people, amazing scenery and a coastline packed full with stunning surfbreaks. As it is only a few hours ferry ride from Pembroke, it’s no wonder it’s been popular with Welsh surfers for years. Ireland is blessed with consistent surf all year round, but autumn is particularly great for a trip there as it coincides with the hurricane season in the Atlantic. This produces an abundance of solid, clean swells, combined with a water temperature that resembles those found in summer.

It turned out to be the most awesome surf trip I’ve been on in years. We scored pumping waves every day, the weather was fantastic  (when you consider Ireland is one of the wettest places on earth) and the Guinness was cold and creamy.

I hope you enjoy the photos…




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