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The memories of the birth of your baby will remain with you always. It is so important that it is a positive experience and that you remain in control


Hypnobirth is a complete antenatal teaching programme for pregnant women and their birth partners. The simple techniques which include breathing for birth, self-hypnosis and visualisation are taught over four evenings or two days. This will equip you with a tool kit which will enable you to stay calm and in control during the birth of your baby. Our culture programmes us from a young age that birth is a painful, scary experience. Hypnobirth challenges this and promotes

the fact that for the majority of healthy women with low risk pregnancies birth can be a positive empower-ing experience. Your birth may not always turn out how you would prefer but Hypnobirth can really make a difference in all circumstances. A mother who remains calm can help her baby whatever type of birth she experiences.

Couples will often feel anxious at the beginning of the course and by the end feel excited and are looking forward to the birth.

Here is some feedback from couples who have used Hypnobirth

“The principals of Hypnobirth made so much sense to me and I felt totally prepared and calm about the impending birth. Hypnobirthing made me look forward to the birth and meeting my baby and took away any fears that I previously had. You hear so many negative stories about birth but Hypnobirth made me realise that I could take control of the experience.

As a result I loved my birth, I felt so relaxed about it and I have to say I really enjoyed the experience.”

“We didn’t consider a homebirth until quite late in the pregnancy, and so glad we did. Hypnobirthing taught breathing and relaxation techniques that led to a wonderful pain-free birth at home.

Lily was so relaxed and content when she was born and still is and I really believe that the way she was born contributed to this.

The experience helped me realise and believe that you should trust yourself and your body and allow it to do what it is naturally meant to do.”

“Little Freddie arrived 12 days overdue! We started off in the birthing pool but had an epidural; we found out that he was back to back with me. I ended up having a c-section, but all the hypnobirthing techniques really helped and every one commented on how calm I was. The midwives asked if I was always this good with pain! (Which I’m not!)”   

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