BAY Fashion – May

with Chantele Cross-Jones

Swimwear for your shape

There can be few women who enjoy exposing the parts of their bodies that for most of the year are well hidden from public view. For most of us, finding the perfect swimsuit is nigh on impossible but this month, Chantele has done some of the hard work, and found something for everyone.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who will be having a summer holiday this year, or simply taking some time off work to enjoy the sunshine, then it’s highly likely you will be in need of a new swimsuit. Whether you’re going to be sunning yourself on a Mediterranean beach, partaking in some water-sports in the Caribbean, playing with the kids in a water park at Bluestone or just at-tempting to get a tan in Langland, buying a new swimming costume is usually top of the holiday shopping list. But if I’m honest it is also one of the things I find most difficult. I hate shopping for swimsuits, and I very much doubt that I am the only one.

I thought I would try to take just a tiny bit of the stress out of the whole experience by finding you some great swimming costume options, and listing them by body shape. The fact is that some of us don’t really want to show off certain parts of our body. For me I hate tiny bikini bottoms, and can think of nothing worse than looking like I am showing off my knickers in public, so I am a big fan of swim shorts.

To help you find the perfect swimsuit, just read the body descriptions on each page, find the one closest to your own (or the two closest if you fit between them) and read the tips I have given to help you pin point what you need to be looking for. Then check out the costumes I have cho-sen to fit your body shape and hope-fully you will find one you love.






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