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Getting personal

Happily, few of us will be involved in a personal injury case but those who do can benefit from the right advice. Craig Jenkins of GRAHAM EVANS AND PARTNERS reveals what is important to bear in mind.


There has been an increase in the marketing of personal injury actions over the last fifteen years and whilst it is good that more of us are aware of the ability to claim, the big spending claims management companies may not offer all that is needed at what can be a crucial time.

     Perhaps you are familiar with TV and radio advertisements asking viewers or listeners if they have been involved in a recent accident. Mobile phones are another target as companies seek to drive up enquiries.

     A large number of people have transferred to us after becoming dissatisfied with the service and advice they have received from such companies, with their claim often handled by a call centre in another part of the country and passed onto an inexperienced paralegal.

     Others have been directed to law firms hundreds of miles away by their insurance company as they were unaware that they had a choice of representation. Not very practical if you want to sit with your lawyer at their office or your own home.

     At Graham Evans and Partners, we have a dedicated department dealing with compensation actions for many years and our experienced personal injury lawyers understand the complexities involved in resolving cases to our clients’ satisfaction.

     When people suffer a significant accident, it can result in major life changes. The severity of the injury, the medical treatment and rehabilitation required as well as financial losses suffered are all vital considerations.

     We understand that compensation is only part of the story and so help our clients access and fund local medical care, rehabilitation and support for the family.

     It is why we hold an accreditation from the Association of Personal injury Lawyers (APIL), acknowledging the firm as a specialist practice for this type of work.

     As well as offering a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement, if you contact us with a question we’ll endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

     At a difficult and uncertain time, it helps to know that you have a local legal team on your side with the experience to deliver the best outcome for you and your family. 

You can get in touch with CRAIG JENKINS of Graham Evans and Partners on 01792 659137or by emailing

Children come first…

When relationships breakdown, a lawyer who specialises in Family and Children Law can make a difference. Gaynor Dickens of GRAHAM EVANS & PARTNERS talks about a positive approach to managing the well-being of children.


Most of us will have family or friends who have had to deal with the emotional and financial fall-out when

a relationship ends.

     Whether a marriage, a civil partnership or a couple who were cohabiting, it can be a challenging time, ever more so if children are involved.

     It is why, at Graham Evans and Partners, our team of Family and Children Law specialists work hard to foster a positive and non-confrontational approach that aims to minimise conflict and reach a fair and practical agreement for families.

     As a member of Resolution, the specialist family law panel, we are committed to considering the needs of the whole family – and in particular the best interests of children.

     We understand that no two situations or families are the same and the stress and uncertainty can be consider-able, which is why it is important to draw on wide experience as well as an understanding of legal matters.

     Our team advises on complex disputes that can arise from relationship breakdown, supporting parents and guardians and helping to resolve residence disputes.

     Although fewer cases in number, we are also on hand to help deal with the law relating to child protection, Social Services and adoption.

     Supporting children and their carers is a vital concern for our team and no matter the issue; you will find that we are able to help. 

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