Do Yousuffer with headaches? – july 2015

With Rosie Jones from The Natural Health Service


Hi, I’m Rosie and I work as an osteopath in The Natural Health Service, Swansea. I first became interested in osteopathy whilst travelling in the Australian outback, it fascinated me to see how the Aboriginal people dealt with health problems and aches and pains long before the advent of pharmaceuticals.  My business, Swansea Body Kinetics and osteopathy are my life and passion, I aim to not only resolve musculoskeletal pain but also to find the root cause and help you to prevent such problems recurring. I firmly believe that the pathway to good health is osteopathy, good nutrition and proper movement.

I am very lucky to be able to say that I absolutely love my job, everyday is different and there is nothing more rewarding than freeing someone from pain.

Do you suffer with headaches?

Do you automatically reach for pain relief tablets?


If you suffer with headaches and/or migraines you’re certainly not alone. Headaches are so common that according to the World Health Organization almost one in 20 adults have a headache almost every day.

In addition to this, the Global Burden of Disease Survey 2010 describes migraine as the third most prevalent disorder worldwide. So if it’s not you, it’s probably the person next to you.

Headaches come in many shapes and sizes but the two most common type of headache are migraine and tension type headache.

Not sure which type you have? Check the International Headache Society page ( If you have been diagnosed or suspect that you suffer with either type of headache you don’t need me to tell you that both can be very debilitating, especially if you are afflicted regularly. Painkillers and other

pharmaceuticals are often the go-to option used to relieve the pain and disruption associated with these headaches, but as an osteopath I would like to offer a drug free, new perspective.

Both tension type headache and migraine are associated with increased tension of the neck and head muscles, abnormal range of motion of the joints of the neck and head, stress and psychological factors.

Osteopathy uses soft tissue, mobilisation and manipulation in order to relieve the tension of the muscles of your neck and head and to restore normal movement of the associated joints. This will probably relieve the symp-toms of your headache, and deal with the tight muscles that started it all off- but you can probably do more than you realise to decrease the tension of the muscles in your neck and head.

Long hours sitting in the same position at a desk, poor posture and repetitive move-ments can all cause the muscles in your neck, shoulders and head to become overused, tired and restricted. This can not only give you a headache but cause the rest of the body to compensate and lead to problems elsewhere such as shoulder, arm and wrist pain or even lower back pain.

As an osteopath I can assess your posture and movement and then aim to find and relieve the root cause of your problem, ease the pain and discomfort and then figure out ways to prevent it from returning.

This may be achieved with postural advice, direction towards proper movement and stretching or even ways to reduce your stress levels and improve your wellbeing.

For further information or to book anappointment call Rosie on 07540 453280 Or visit

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