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The rise of divorce in the over 50s

Gaynor Dickens, head of the family law department at Graham Evans & Partners, looks at some of the issues that arise when long-term marriages break down.


The Office of National Statistics recently revealed that last year 8.2% of the population aged over 16 are defined as divorced. However, contrast that average with those aged 55 – 59 where the figure stands much higher at 15.7%.

In fact the over 50s represent the largest group of divorcees in England and Wales but what is behind the rise of failed marriages in this age category?

It is thought that greater financial independence and children leaving home prompt some to question whether their relationship is working.

Once relationships break down, there are many practical concerns to contend with. For example, the value of a marital home can be significant but so can pensions. Traditionally, men were less likely to take career breaks to raise children and that can result in a larger pension pot for men and so the equitable division of assets can be an issue.

Pensions can be an extremely complex area and it is important to ensure that specialist legal advice is sought when dealing with assets of this nature.

Financial well-being is just one consideration. The impact on children and grandchildren and managing relationships once couples go their separate ways is a concern.

As a member of Resolution, the specialist Family Law panel and with over 25 years of experience in Family Law, I know that it is important to arrive at fair and practical settlements which are frequently best achieved through a non-confrontational and constructive approach.

Every relationship is different and each divorce brings emotional and financial upheaval but by focussing on the future, relationships between family members can remain positive.

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