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When former racing cyclist and Olympic gold medal winner Chris Boardman told the BBC last year that he would not allow his 8-year-old daughter to cycle on the road, the explanation he gave was simple, he said that cycling ‘just didn’t feel safe’.


So how dangerous is cycling?

Welsh Government reported that there were 8,208 road traffic casualties in 2014 and cyclists made up 11% of those injured, a figure which has doubled when compared to the 2004-2008 average of around 5% of causalities.

     Cycling has grown in popularity but sharing roads with other vehicles and even cyclists does present risks. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents revealed that the majority of cycling accidents happen in urban areas and that almost two thirds of cyclists killed or seriously injured were involved in collisions at, or near, a road junction or roundabouts.

     At Graham Evans and Partners, we have been dealing with personal injury actions, including road traffic accidents, for many years. When cyclists are injured, there are no airbags, results can be serious and lead to a number of physical and financial hardships. 

     Cyclists who have been injured through no fault of their own can be compensated for personal injury, loss of earnings, physiotherapy and a range of other rehabilitative treatments but also the cost of repairs to their bicycle and equipment.

     I know only too well what it is like to be involved in a cycling accident. As I specialise in this area I knew where to go to get assistance, treatment and rehabilitation. Compensation for injuries and my bike were secondary as getting back to full fitness is the primary goal for any client.

     We offer a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement but perhaps more importantly, we have cyclists within our legal team who understand the complexities involved in resolving cases to our clients’ satisfaction. It is why we hold an accreditation from the Association of Personal injury Lawyers (APIL), acknowledging the firm as a specialist practice for this type of work.

     Accidents cause emotional stress as well as physical injury which is why having a clear idea of what can be done to help your situation is so important and if you contact me or my team with a question, we’ll endeavour to reply within 24 hours. 

     At a difficult time, it helps to know that you have a legal team on your side with the understanding and experience to deliver the best outcome for you. 

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