Sugarcraft Christmas Roses

with Andrea Wimperis of The House of Sugar Flowers    

Sugarcraft Christmas Roses

Andrea Wimperis of The House of Sugar Flowers introduces you to the fascinating art of sugarcraft by taking you though the stages of making a Christmas rose.  Andrea has been teaching sugarcraft and cake decoration for over fifteen years and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others. 


Sugar flora is an enjoyable craft and once the basic techniques are mastered they can be applied to a number of different flowers enhancing any special celebration cake. One of the lovely aspects of sugar flora is that the flowers can be kept as a lasting memento of the occasion.

By following these simple steps we hope that you will be inspired and encouraged to have a go at creating your own array of flowers. On their own or grouped together these flowers will make a beautiful cake decoration for the approaching festive season.

As with all projects some basic equipment is needed but you will use them time and again. The basics are flower paste, a small rolling pin, flower cutters and colours.

How to make a Sugar Paste Cake decoration


Wrap cotton thread several times around two fingers to create a loop.

Attach the thread to the top of a length of sugarcraft wire using floristry tape.

Trim the thread to suit the size of your flower.


Roll out a piece of white flower paste quite finely.  Cut out the flower shape using a Christmas rose petal cutter.


Take a small piece of green flower paste and form into a cone, pinch out the thick end to form a base (resembling a Mexican hat).  Roll out from the centre to thin down.

Slip your chosen cutter over the centre post, or cut by hand to form the calyx.


Soften the edges of the flower with a ball tool gently curving the petals forward.

Moisten the calyx with water and attach to the back of the shaped petals. 

Insert the stamen wire down through the centre of the flower and calyx.  Bend the wire slightly to dry the flower upside down.


Using petal dust colour the centre of each petal with spring green and the stamens with lemon yellow.


Add a sprig of sugarcraft holly or some festive ribbon to create a lovely decoration for the top of your Christmas cake.

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