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Thank you to everyone for making the 2016 SWANSEA CATS PROTECTION CALENDAR COMPETITION a massive success with well over 300 entries.  It was very, very difficult to choose just 12 winners from the hundreds of fabulous entries, so we enlisted the help of a local photographer (thanks to Jason Dale) who helped us chose the deserving winners. The calendars will be available to buy from October from our Cats Protection Charity shop – 85 Bryn y Mor Road, Brynmill, Kenwood Kennels, Llanmorlais, Gibson and Jones Vet in Gowerton and Gower Vets in Upper Killay.

All of the money raised from the sale of the calendars will go towards helping the rescue cats and kittens of Swansea including food, litter, vets fees, boarding and of course treats and toys while they wait for their forever home.


A few words from the winners slaves:

SigmaSigma was adopted from Swansea Cats Protection 14 years ago and she has been living a happy and relaxed life with lots of cuddles and love.

Scooby Scooby was a stray who found us one day in October 2013 and he has been with us every since.  He is very affectionate and the most lovable cat you will ever meet!  When he is really happy and purring away he dribbles all over you. He loves nothing more than a cuddle.

Leo – This is my beautiful cat Leo. He is my baby and although he had a tough start, he got knocked down then a year later had a splenectomy, he is still handsome.

 Cat – This a is a lovely cat that was wondering around the oldest village in Cornwall – he seemed to enjoy the attention.

 KittyKitty is the practice cat at Gibson and Jones Vets (Gowerton). She has been with the practice since coming in as a stray in poor con-dition back in 2007 and has define-tely developed a love for the good life since. She’s a typical “naughty tortie” and has a cheeky personality.

Simba Simba is quite possibly the most mischievous cat in the world. Nearly 5 years old, Simba and his brother Nacho they are from the same litter and are most definitely partners in crime! Their favourite trick is to work together to open the cupboard where their food is kept, get inside, close the door behind themselves and tuck in to their favourite treats. 

Belle – Our kitten is named Belle, we adopted her on the 27th June 2015 from Swansea Cats Protec-tion. She is the most special, loving and friendly little kitten. We have all fallen in love with her and it feels like she has always been with us. Thank you for allowing us to adopt her.

SusieSusie is a tabby kitten that was fostered by the Aberystwyth Cats Protection branch. As you can see she is a very lively, happy little kitten bursting with personality! Since this photo was taken Susie has found her forever home.

Smudge Smudge can be quite nervous at times, but has always had a sweet spot for me since she was a kitten. I have never had a cat who would lick people, and she usually does this when you stop stroking her which she will then lick your hand until you start stroking her again almost like a trade. She also has a habit of sleeping in the most odd places, from inside pop up wash baskets, to window sills and stairs. I can proudly say she is the strangest cat I’ve ever owned, but I’m also a strange person so we were meant for each other.

MarbleMarble is a real poseur and we were determined to be included in the calendar – what a handsome chap.

OliverOliver was adopted from Swansea Cats Protection in Sept-ember last year. He was formerly called ‘Sparkles’. As you can see from the photo he’s grown to be a cheeky, confident, funny and friendly boy and a much loved family member. 

 Pingpong – My gorgeous Cats Protection cat Pingpong was found by the roadside as a very poorly kitten. He is now about 10 years old. He is a very loving cat and de-mands a lap to sit on every evening.

If you are interested in offering one of our rescue cats or kittens a forever home then ring our helpline 0845 217 9648 and leave you details or contact us via our website – www.cats.org.uk/swansea

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