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Rupa Dave – Repairing the Ravages of Time

This month’s BAY business personality is a distinguished professional, a member of the small community of Indians resident in Swansea. Dr Rupa Dave is well known as a surgeon in Singleton Hospital, Swansea, where she works in the Dermatological department specializing in the treatment and surgical reconstructions for skin cancer patients. In addition she runs a private clinic Cutis Cosmetic Clinic from modern purpose-built premises in Killay.


Minimising the signs of aging is a subject of personal interest to over 50% of the popul-ation—and this is Rupa’s area of specialization, to which she brings an arsenal of professional qualifications and expertise.

Settling Down in Swansea

Rupa moved to Swansea in 2003 working at the dermatology department in Singleton, Neath and Bridgend hospitals as a specialist surgeon. Her expertise in plastic surgery and laser treatments upgraded the range of procedures offered within the department providing enhanced care for the patients.

Cutis Cosmetic Clinic

Rupa soon felt the need to use her laser and plastic surgery expertise, and started her private practice, Cutis Cosmetic Clinic which is housed in purpose built premises in quiet, discreet surroundings.

“I invested in the latest laser machine-capable of performing multiple types of treatment and suitable for all skin colours – essential as I am brown!” explains Rupa.

A glance at the backstory

Born in India, Rupa comes from a family of doctors, though, as an eminent exception, her grand uncle was a freedom fighter, an anti-Raj activist, and the Chief Minister of her native Gujarat. Rupa’s grandmother was one of the first graduates in India and was trained by Madame Montessori in children’s education.

Family support

In India, girls are actively encouraged by their parents to be career-oriented as part of their upbringing and the acquiring of professional qualifications is planned from an early age.

“I was encouraged to come to the  UK as my parents strongly felt that there was much to be learnt from the British way of living in terms of organisational skills, vision, and methods of working,” says Rupa. “Britain was regarded as an advanced nation but still in touch with basic human values such as compassion and empathy, an exemplary meeting point of capitalist and socialist values.”

Extended family

Rupa brings with her the very Indian concept of the extended family. Because her mother-in law lives with them as part of the family, made up of her consultant gastroenterologist husband Umakant and two daughters, Rupa had the advantage of support at home to enable her to pursue her career without domestic worries about child care. The children have benefited enormously as they have learnt to speak Gujarati and are kept in touch with their culture thanks to the presence of their grandmother as part of the family unit.

In India the nuclear family is an urban rarity—the extended family is the rule.


A chronology of Rupa Dave’s career


– 1989-MBBS India. First came to UK: as a guest of Woodcraft Folk – a charity working for the development of children’s self confidence

– 1992 MS General Surgery

– 1999 FRCS (Edinburgh)

– 2001 BTEC Skin Lasers — One of the first to gain the qualification from Loughborough University

– 2006 MA Medical Ethics Swansea University

Title of Thesis: ‘An Alternative Structure Of The NHS Based On Nozick’s Philosophy’

Stepping Stones

– 1994 Returned to UK as one of 5 international trainees sponsored by the British association of Plastic Surgeons

– Subsequently trained and worked in premier plastic surgery units in UK for nearly 8 years

– Laser Research Fellow for 4 years-extensive clinical experience; published numerous papers and presented at national and international conferences

– 2003 Moved to Swansea as husband Umakant was offered a consultant post in Morriston Hospital

In the Community

– Rupa plays an active part in the local community

– She has been a Governor at two primary schools and is a Magistrate since 2007

Personal interests

In order to cope better with the stresses of life, Rupa has learnt mind-fullness and meditation and since the entry of rescue dog Dobby as a member of the household she enjoys walking as a form of relaxation as well “I love the feeling of exhilaration that comes from walking – I recently walked up to Pen-y Fan.” (had been on my secret bucket list for a while!)

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