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with Daryl Edgecombe

Why this Swansea business is grasping the Nettl

In May 2005, Daryl Edgecombe started a business in Swansea that would trade as for a further 10 years. Over 14,000 projects later and with over 2000 customers, the business is still going strong. So, we ask, “why the change of name”?

WINTER2015A.BusinessNettlpic really was a great name. The web address alone is worth millions! But the trouble is, it makes it sound as if we only do one thing and that’s simply not true. Changing the name to Nettl helped reposition the brand to better reflect how we add value, today.”

Daryl describes Nettl as the “evolution of the formula”, adding that it was in response to the increased emphasis on online marketing.

“10 years ago, if you set up a new business, you quickly came to us for some business cards, letterheads and flyers. Today, start-up businesses are going to the web designer first and that puts the printer in a subordinate position. If we don’t do the website, then we may not have the client to sell the print to – that’s the reason for Nettl.”

Back in September 2014 Grafenia PLC, the people behind, opened the doors of its first Nettl studio in Birmingham.

The branch operated as an ‘arms-length’ test and enhanced sales by 40% and gross margin by 30%, almost from the outset. Grafenia converted 4 other company owned stores to the Nettl formula before offering the upgrade to it’s network of independently owned studios across the UK.

The Swansea branch was the first studio to upgrade, committing to the new brand in March this year. 6 months on, there are now 36 Nettl studios across the country.

“I didn’t have to think about it for very long, we had been developing the digital side of our business under one of our other  brands  for some time. It made sense to combine our print, branding and web operations to create a single brand to serve the client.”

“Although we design and build each website in-house, we have a central team of geeks that work out all the clever stuff, like integrating ecommerce sites with instore EPOS systems, or offering click & collect features. We can then offer these solutions through the local studios for a fraction of the price. It’s like a digital ‘economy of scale’. Plus all our websites are mobile friendly and we can access £500 grants to help small businesses sell online. We have a lot to offer.”

“Of course, printing still makes up a large percentage of our business. Our factory is one of the most sophisticated print hubs in Europe, with the same great people, products and guarantees. Just lower prices and a new name!”

Nettl of Swansea offer Web Design, Branding, Printing and Exhibition Graphics. You can get in touch by calling 01792 644922 or emailing

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