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Medicine Management



Medication: are you due a review?

Bay Health Cluster Network consists of eight practices working together to improve patient care. The eight practices are:

Gower Medical Centre

Kings Road Surgery

Mumbles Medical Centre

Sketty Killay Surgeries

St Thomas Surgery and West Cross Medical Centre

The Grove Medical Centre

The University Surgery

Uplands Medical Centre and Queens Road Surgery

Two Pharmacists have recently joined the Bay Health Cluster Network, Reem El Sharkawi  and Shima Wiltshire will be working closely with GPs in the eight practices to perform medication reviews on patients who take multiple medications including those in care homes. They will also ensure patients with chest problems, such as Asthma are prescribed the most effective inhalers plus lots more!

Reem and Shima join a team of pharmacists already working tirelessly for the Health Board across Swansea in primary care but are the first pharmacists that are specifically linked to Bay Health.

Repeat medications

Lots of patients have items they do not need on their repeat prescriptions. If you have a medication you no longer use please advise the receptionist, doctor or nurse of this so the medication can be removed from your list.

If you have a medication you feel you should not be taking please make an appointment to see your GP or ask for a review with the pharmacist. They can ensure you are not stopping the wrong medication! Medications if appropriate can then be removed from your repeat prescription.


Unused Medicine can be a safety risk

– Stockpiling medication can be a safety risk to yourself and children.

– Remember to keep your medication in a safe place out of reach of little fingers.

– Only order the medication you require to prevent a safety risk.

– Return any old medications to the pharmacy for disposal.

Over ordering

Wasted medicines costs the NHS millions each year.

Sometimes patients order all the medications on the list even though they are not required. Please only order medication you need.  There is no reason to have medications “just in case”, they will often go out of date before you use them! If you do run into problems speak to your regular pharmacist if it is outside your own GPs opening hours.

Take any unwanted medications back to your pharmacy and ensure you are taking your medication correctly. If you realise you don’t know why you are on medication or you are unsure how to take medications please speak to your pharmacist. If you regularly forget your medication it may be worth considering a pill box, so speak to your pharmacist.

Medication Reviews

Patients often end up on multiple medications, some of which they may be able to stop. If you take more than 6 medications regularly, and particularly if you are over 85, you should have a yearly review of your medication to ensure you are on the correct dosage, and that you still require the medication. A review consists of sitting down with a pharmacist or GP for approximately 10-20 minutes whilst each medication is discussed. Medications can often have unwanted side effects which mean a review is advantageous. Consider making an appointment with our Bay Pharmacists based in your practice or your GP to discuss your medication.

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