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At Stephen Evans we believe everyone deserves the best eye care....


These days a trip to your Optometrist is so much more than just an eye test. Eye examinations

have become much more sophisticated; whilst checking the health of your eyes has always

been an essential part of an eye test, this was often limited to what could be seen by the simple ophthalmoscope, which gives quite a restricted view of your retina.


For a number of years we have been able to photograph the back of your eyes. This was a significant step forward allowing us to see more of your retina in a single shot as well as being able to keep it as a record for future comparison.

However, technology has leapt forward again. The Optomap (scanning laser ophthalmoscope) and OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) instruments are powerful diagnostic instruments that are now able to show us so much more detail than we could have imagined 30 years ago.


These scans are safe, non-invasive and painless tests that show wide field and detailed 3D cross sections of your retina. This gives us invaluable information to help pick up the subtlest of changes to your retina helping us to detect treatable eye conditions often before you notice the effect on your vision.

The basic eye test was conceived in the 1950s and has, despite modern advances in knowledge and technology, remained much the same, ever since. It involves check-ing your vision, working out your correct prescription for glasses if needed, and checking the health of your eyes, usually with the simple ophthalmoscope which by modern standards gives a very limited view of your retina.

ADVANCED EYE EXAMINATION – £45 or £20 with NHS test

At Stephen Evans we offer our patients the option to up-grade their eye test to either our Advanced or Extended

eye examinations using the very latest diagnostic equip-ment. With our Advanced eye examination your sight test

is upgraded to include a Slit Lamp Microscope examin-ation of the front of your eyes but most importantly your retinal examination is upgraded to an Optomap laser scan.

The Optomap ultra-wide scanning laser ophthalmoscope captures more than 80% of your retina in one panoramic image. This allows us to see so much more of your retina compared with a standard retinal photograph. We store the scan with your record and use it for future compar-ison to help us detect subtle changes in the retina.


GOLD STANDARD – Our Extended eye examination £60 or £35 with NHS test

Our extended eye examination is the gold standard in eye care. Your normal eye test is extended to include ultra-wide retinal imaging using the Optomap scanning laser ophthalmoscope, detailed macula and optic nerve head analysis using the Nidek OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) plus detailed examination of your anterior eye using a Slit Lamp Microscope. The OCT is a very powerful diagnostic tool that gives us detailed 3D and cross sectioned scans of your macula and optic nerve head. We recommend this for everyone over the age of 40 as part of your regular eye care.

This comprehensive eye examination gives us a more complete clinical picture to help us detect the earliest signs of treatable eye diseases such as ‘wet’ age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, retinal tears, tumours and much more.

This level of diagnostic instrumentation is NOT AVAILABLE in any Swansea based national opticians’ chains, and very few independent opticians. It must not be confused with simple retinal photography that is offered free elsewhere.

Making a small, affordable charge for these advance-ed tests allows us to invest in the latest technology for the benefit of all our patients, ensuring that we are at the forefront of eye health care in Swansea.

We believe everyone deserves the best eye care, because eyesight is precious and good sight and healthy eyes aren’t optional.

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