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Managing Pain
A staggering 7.8 million people in UK suffer from severe pain in any given year. Sadly according to The Chief Medical Officers report in The National Pain Audit only 2/3 of these people will recover.
Pain is a tricky beast. Despite all medical advances it’s still impossible to objectively measure. Any measure-ment is subjective and relies on a quantitative grading (pain scale from 0 to 10) and qualitative description (it’s a shooting pain that radiates down my arm).

Tim Wright is a Member of The British Acupuncture Council and is a fully licensed practitioner, currently practicing out of busy clinics in Swansea and Mumbles. His particular interests are pain management and emotional imbalances such as stress and anxiety. Tim believes that one of acupuncture’s great-est strengths is the promotion of homeostasis in the body, making it effective for a wide variety of illnesses. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tim on 07764 254881 or email

Why Do We Get Pain?
Pain is our body’s way of saying we’re hurt. Nerves send pain signals to remind us that we need to guard an area or stop using it. This is useful to stop further damage. What is not useful is when the damage has healed but the nervous system continues to fire pain signals.

Pain May be a Signal That An Internal Organ Is Unwell

Visceral pain is pain that originates from organs. Many organs do not have intrinsic pain fibres and so radiate pain to other parts of the body. The most obvious example here is the heart. A disorder of the heart is not felt in the heart itself but often in the chest, shoulder and left arm.

The Downward Spiral Of Pain

One of the main problems with chronic pain is that it is not visible and so other people– friends and colleagues – often cannot understand the pain being suffered. Emotional pain can manifest as some sufferers are, at worst, labelled malingerers. This can push some patients into a spiral of depression, which can make things worse. The low mood can amplify pain signals and increase perception of pain.

Acupuncture For Pain Relief
Acupuncture is great for pain relief. It can reduce inflammation and may release pain relieving endorphins and opioids. In cases where pain has affected patients at an emotional level acupuncture is also effective. A recent study by University Of York (2013) found acupuncture more effective than usual care alone for depression. This is borne out in my practice; a lot of patients leave treatment feeling relaxed and buoyed.  

What Can Acupuncture treat?
I love acupuncture for treating pain as it’s mostly very effective and can give patients an enormous improvement in well-being and quality of life. In particular it’s great for the following:

– Back Pain & Sciatica.

– Neck & Shoulder Pain.

– Facial & Dental Pain.
– Headache & Migraine
– Nausea & Epigastric Pain.
– Adverse reactions to chemotherapy treatment.

As an acupuncturist I’m obviously biased, but I’m not the only fan. The World Health Organisation recognise acupuncture as clinically effective for 27 conditions, including all those listed above.

If you’d like to talk more about how acupuncture can help with your pain why not drop in for a quick chat or call me.


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