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 with Lora Gladwin Evans

Lora makes a come back to TheBAY in time for Christmas. Lora is mum to 18 month old Harri, and has had to perfect her make-up routine to accommodate his needs. Here she shares her hints and tips on being a yummy mummy.


Getting Ready in a Flash

After having a baby, making sure that you are wearing makeup is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities. Let’s face it, most new mums would do anything for an extra hour in bed, catching up with sleep rather than spending time worrying about how they look.

But what if you have a special occasion to go to or even just want to get ready for a date night with your other half? I know from experience how little time mothers have to glam up or even brush their hair for that matter. So I have researched some multi-tasking products that will save you time so that you can spend more time with your little angels – or catching up on sleep!


Here are 5 steps to get you looking great in 5 minutes flat

Step 1 Let’s start with a good base. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is a combined BB (Blemish Base) and CC (Colour Correcting) cream that combines skincare benefits and gives a naturally radiant coverage in one. I would describe it as a light coverage but you can add more layers if you would prefer a fuller coverage look. You can apply it with your fingers, a sponge or a foundation brush, I find a foundation brush works best but do whatever is easiest for you. Bare minerals complexion rescue £26 from Debenhams

Step 2 Now to add some colour to your face – especially as we’re going into winter. I love Benefits Coralista blusher as it really does suit all skin tones and can be used as a blusher, all in one bronzer and even eyeshadow. I tend to dust it all over my face with a big fluffy brush – I can go from peaky to perky in seconds! Benefit Coralista £23.50 from Debenhams

Step 3 Now for the lips. Who has time to use a lip liner, apply lipstick in between blots and then a gloss? Not me or many other mums, so thank goodness for Clinique’s Chubby sticks. They give just the right amount of colour and my lips always feel so moisturised after and they leave a lovely dewy look. I always keep a chubby stick in the changing bag, it’s so quick and easy and I don’t even have to use a mirror. With so many different colours there is certainly one out there for everyone. Clinique chubby stick £17 from Boots

Step 4 Never underestimate what a good mascara can do. We could all do with darker longer and thicker eyelashes. In my opinion Lancôme do the best mascaras on the market and I do love the Lancôme Hypnose drama mascara as it has a slightly curved brush which helps curl lashes. Great for when you haven’t got time to use an eye lash curler. Lancôme Hypnose drama mascara £22.50 Boots

Step 5 If you’re anything like me then you won’t have time to wash and blow dry your hair every day, but what can you do to freshen it up and inject some va va va voom in two minutes flat? Dry Shampoo has been my saviour since having my boy – it soaks up the oil in the roots, gives a lovely fresh smell to my hair and it also adds great volume. What’s not to love? Batiste does a great range of dry shampoos and they do one specifically for brunettes too. Batiste dry shampoo £1.99 Boots

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