Christmas Cupcakes

with Andrea Wimperis of The House of Sugar Flowers

ANDREA WIMPERIS of The House of Sugar Flowers introduces the creative art of cake decoration and takes you through the stages of making your own character Christmas Cupcakes. Andrea has been teaching sugarcraft and cake decoration for over fifteen years and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others

Christmas Cupcakes

By following these simple steps and using your imagination you and your children can create lovely individual cupcakes which will make an ideal Christmas present for the festive season.


As with all projects some equipment is needed but you will use them time and again, the basics are a small rolling pin, a selection of cutters and a paint brush. Cash Hardware in Newton Road, Mumbles has a good selection of baking equipment and Hobbycraft in Fforestfach stock a huge range of sugarcraft supplies.

To make the Christmas Cupcakes depending on your designs you will also need the following ingredients 


Butter Icing

Coloured roll out sugarpaste    


Robin Cupcake

Roll out and cut a circle of brown sugarpaste to fit the top of your cupcake and secure with a little buttercream.

Roll out and cut a smaller circle of red sugarpaste, using a little boiled water stick it onto the cupcake.

Attach a triangle of yellow paste in the same way for the beak.

Using a fluted cutter cut out two wings from one brown circle of paste and attach.

Cut out two small white circles for the eyes again attach-ing with boiled water.

Add a black ball of paste into the centre of each eye followed by a small white dot to complete the look.

Other Cupcake Characters

Use your imagination to create as many different charac-ters and designs as you like. Along with the coloured sugarpaste we have used chocolate pretzels and edible sugar pearls to add details to our designs.


You can mix the sugarpaste colours together to create a wider colour range for you to use, for example knead red and yellow paste to create orange.

By adding white sugarpaste to your coloured paste you can create softer shades.

How to decorate a Christmas Robin Cupcake

You will need:

Cupcakes, butter icing, rolling pin, cutters, paint brush and a selection of roll out coloured sugarpaste

Picture 1 – Roll out some brown sugarpaste.

Picture 2 – Using a cutter to fit the top of your cupcake, cut out the paste and secure to the cake with a little buttercream.  Add a smaller red circle for the breast and a yellow triangle for the beak.

Picture 3 – With a fluted cutter cut out two wings from a circle of brown sugarpaste.

Picture 4 – Add two circles of white paste for the eyes, securing with a little boiled water.

Picture 5 – Complete the eyes by adding a small ball of black sugarpaste and white dot.

Picture 6 – Use your imagination to create a variety of different Christmas cupcakes.

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