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How to care for your skin in winter

Let’s talk about skin. It’s the largest organ of the body yet most of us don’t give it the attention and respect it deserves. A good skincare routine is essential in maintaining our skin’s health, youthfulness and a radiant glow even in these wintery months. Not only is our routine important but the products that we use play a huge part.

The winter months can play havoc with our skin. It becomes drier – whether young or old. Dry skin can rob you of your natural glow, but it is possible to look your best with a little effort. Jodie Grove clinical nurse specialist and owner of The Grove Skin Clinic gives a few basic tips to keep your skin healthy. Bay Template

A skin care routine should include basic steps of cleansing, toning and moisturising. There are hundreds of harsh exfoliators on the market and many of us will have used them at some point; however exfoliating isn’t necessary and is actually damaging to our skin. We need to naturally exfoliate and there are products that encourage this. What we shouldn’t be doing is aggressively scrubbing our skin and exposing the new fresh skin cells too soon. This increases dryness, redness and inflammation.

Many of us take advantage of our beautiful location and coastline and spend lots of time outside walking our dogs, gardening or running. It is vital that we protect our skin.


I recommend Environ’s moisturising cleansing lotion as there are no harsh ingredients in it to harm the skin.


Most people I meet don’t see the importance of a toner, and I will admit neither did I until I became a skincare specialist. A toner plays a huge part in penetrating your moisturiser deeper into the skin layers to enable it to work where it is really needed. Now a toner shouldn’t sting, this is usually down to a high alcohol content. Environ offers a moisturising toner with no chemicals, no alcohol, no nasty ingredients –  just things that work and are good for your skin and help to get that moisturiser right down where it needs to be to do its work. Bay Template


Always: Choose a good moisturiser to keep your skin well-hydrated and soft. Moisturise your skin at least twice a day, morning and evening. Pay special attention to all your exposed skin – don’t forget your neck and chest area, and your hands as these are not only exposed but also in and out of water therefore increasing the dryness.

With Environ moisturisers there is a step up programme so you start on number 1 and climb the stages constantly increasing your vitamin A, that all important ingredient.

The last stage of your skincare routine should always be an SPF (Sun Protection Factor). We need to protect our skin all year round. Sun and light sources are one of the biggest aging factors. If it’s windy and raining and you are off for a brisk coastal walk, make an SPF your priority. It only takes a couple of days to get into the habit and by springtime it will be part of your routine.

Some of us may have particular skin complaints like rosacea, psoriasis or eczema. Lots of walkers and people who spend a lot of time outside, have dry skin conditions and suffer broken facial capillaries, those tiny blood vessels that often appear around the nose and cheeks. Extra precautions should be taken and good skincare is even more important to you guys. Here at The Grove Skin Clinic we have lots of products and treatments to help with all these conditions and more.

We offer skin consultations where we go through a full history and talk through solutions to your concerns. With good advice and the introduction of some simple products a lot of these concerns improve very quickly and easily.

Environ is a prescription skincare range developed by a consultant plastic surgeon Mr Des Fernandes whose practice is based in South Africa, it is distributed through the iiaa (International Institute for anti-ageing)  and you need to see a skin care specialist to start using it. The products start from £18.

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