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CHANTELE CROSS-JONES is back this month with a very special announcement

Well it’s time to announce my big news. You’ve probably guessed from my theme for March that Mr Cross-Jones and I are expecting our first baby in June. There will be a new member of TheBAY family.

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So to tie in with our announcement I thought I would focus this month’s piece on maternity wear, baby clothing and something a little different to my usual articles…home interiors, more specifically nursery decor.

10 Essential Maternity Wear Items – Making the bump fashionable

Chantele fashion picObviously being pregnant hasn’t meant I have changed the way I want to dress, I still want to retain my individual style and look good. One of the first things I noticed when I started looking for maternity wear, was that many clothing stores that have a separate maternity range seem to think that mums-to-be only want to wear jogging bottoms and oversized t-shirts. Yes, ok I get the fact that when you are 36 weeks pregnant, you want to feel comfortable and you probably don’t care a huge amount about looking stylish any more. But, what about at 16 weeks, when your bump is starting to establish itself, but you’re still relatively small and can’t fit the majority of ‘normal’ clothes? I have had a bit of a nightmare trying to find items of clothing I actually want to wear (and even more of a nightmare trying to find items that are actually kept in store rather than only online – I’m a girl who likes to try things on, especially now I have an ever changing figure).

To be totally honest, another issue I’ve had while researching this article is the lack of press images available to journalists, it’s almost like the stores don’t want to promote their maternity clothing lines in the press. So, after a number of weeks and many failed emails to PR agents I gave up and settled to working with just two companies. The same two companies that I have been wearing almost every day since my bump made its appearance, as I think they have produced maternity ranges for women who still want to look stylish, but also comfortable.

When you are buying maternity clothes you don’t need to have an entire wardrobe. Simply having a small selection of key pieces to get you through each trimester and stage of your pregnancy is enough. Yes you will end up wearing the same items lots of times, but you are only going to need them for 7 – 10 months really, so it’s not too bad, and you’re better off getting plenty of wear out of them.




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