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Chantele Cross-Jones looks at inspired looks for nurseries


Designing and decorating the nursery is one of the most fun things you can do on the lead up to your little one’s arrival. You may decide to go down the simple route and pick up all your nursery decor items from the same shop. However if you’re a little more design conscious, then you might want to be a bit more selective in what you chose.

I love items that show personality as well as hand-made craftsmanship. Most of the items I have chosen are from smaller independent companies. Most are UK based but some are worldwide – but I couldn’t resist including them as they are just too perfect (they do all ship to the UK though).

I’ve chosen three very different themes and pulled together some amazing items from all corners of the internet. I hope these can be used as mood boards to help you get some great ideas and inspiration for what to include in your nursery. I hope you have as much fun planning and decorating as I have had researching these items – it’s given me great ideas for our own nursery.

Bright and Bold – Jungle Fever

Chantele Nursery pic 1

If you fancy going for a bright, fun and colourful nursery then this is the perfect theme for you. It is also quite gender neutral, so perfect if you don’t know whether you are expecting a girl or a boy. I found some amazing jungle themed furniture, toys and wall art that would be great to produce a lively nursery. This would also be good if you have a newborn and toddler sharing a room as they will both love the vibrant colours and animal motifs. I’ve chosen a bright blue and yellow paint for this board but you could also use a nice grassy green. If you’re not brave enough to do the whole room then just paint a feature wall, or use the paints to up-cycle some furniture or shelves.


Girly Florals and Fairies

Chantele Nursery pic 2

This is a perfect girly theme if you know you’re having a little princess! I can see this room working really well with Kath Kidston style floral materials, and fairy, princess or butterfly motifs, just what (almost) every little girl loves. I adore the rocking horse and hot air balloons, they add a real individual touch to the room, and they both come in a range of colours that will suit any scheme.


Classy Monochrome with Geometric Prints

Chantele Nursery pic 3

Now this is my personal favourite. I adore the bold geometric prints and the edginess monochrome can bring to any room in the house. It works especially well here with the star or cloud motifs. If you think it’s a little too stark for a baby’s room then introduce the odd pop of colour in the soft furnishings. It works particularly well with yellow, blue, lilac or even orange. I’ve chosen to give this board a slightly more masculine edge but it could work just as well for a little girl if you added a few feminine or softer items (sheepskin or silver sequined pillows for instance)

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