Special Homes Needed for Special Cats

Swansea and District Branch of Cats Protection is appealing for owners to adopt one of their special cats in the charity's care this winter

We have many loving cats requiring a home but we are having great difficulty in finding new owners for some of our older and problem cats.

At the moment we are looking for homes for two FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive cats.

FIV is spread by cats (usually male) giving a penetrating bite. FIV is species specific, i.e. is not transferable to humans or any other animals.

One of the cats requiring a home is Tuxedo. He is a big black and white fluffy ball of a cat, but very friendly and good natured. He is estimated to be about 5 years old. He would make someone a great companion.

Bay Template Our second FIV positive cat is Bronson who had been left behind when his previous owners moved. He and a number of other strays were being fed by a kind neighbour who got in touch with us when she, herself moved. He is an older tabby cat of around 9 years old.

    They both need an indoor home with plenty of space to live or somewhere quite isolated where they would not come into contact with cats that they may fight with.

    Cats can live for many years being FIV positive. In fact they can have a lifespan as long as any other cat which does not have the virus.

    Tuxedo and Bronson are great examples of FIV-positive cats that would make a fabulous pet for a kind hearted person who is able to provide them with special care if required.

    Whisky and Brandy are a pair of difficult to home cats, due to their age and timid personalities. Whisky and Brandy were homed from us as kittens. They have come back into our care as unfortunately their owner has died. They are both timid, quiet cats and are used to living with one lady, although older children in a family would probably be fine.Bay Template

    They are both a little traumatised at the moment and missing their owner. They are to be homed together as they have never been apart. They are both 13 years old.

Another difficult to home pair are Bobby and Barney. This is another sad case of their owner passing away. Bobby is a black and white cat, who is 2 years old and is in fact very friendly, however his friend Barney a ginger cat, who is 3years old, is still very timid and scared. We would like them to be homed together as they came from the same household. Bay Template

A cat can offer so much love and companion-ship – they really do make a house a home – so we would appeal to anyone who is able to offer one or two of our ‘special’ cats a cosy home this winter to contact us immediately, we’d love to hear from you. It can be very rewarding to rescue a cat with problems and to see them gradually gain in confidence.

To offer a cat a home, or if you are interested in volunteering for us, please contact us by one of the following methods:

Helpline: 0845 2179648

Email: swanseacats@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.cats.org.uk/swansea

Facebook: www.facebook.com/swanseacatsprotection




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