Looking For Love

RSPCA Llys Nini

TheBAY magazine has a new monthly feature – a lonely hearts column for our furry and feathered friends.

All these creatures are looking for new homes and a lot of love. These are just a few of the lovely animals that are currently at Llys Nini, so pop along to meet your next BFF. (Best Furry/Feathered Friend)

71 Llys Nini pic 1Humphrey

Handsome Humphrey is seeking a new home, preferably with a neutered female. He is a quiet boy who loves daily interaction and being handled.

 Frosty & Weetabix

These lovely rabbits came back into the centre as their owner had to move away and could no longer look after them. They are both friendly and loveable rabbits who are to be re-homed together.


Womble is a 7 month old Netherland Dwarf rabbit. He’s a lovely quiet boy who is looking for a comfortable home where he can have plenty of attention and cwtches.

71 Llys Nini pic 2Cockatiels / Budgies 

There are many birds at the centre that are looking for new homes. If the prospect of having a furry companion doesn’t appeal, then why not consider a feathered friend.

71 Llys Nini pic 3


He is a very handsome and fun ferret who will need an owner who can give him plenty of time and attention.

Moonshine & Sunshine

This lovely twosome are looking for an owner who has had ferrets before, they are a young pair who need plenty of socialising to ensure they grow up to be happy and friendly little ferrets.


Steve is a funny little chap who will need an owner who is experienced with owning ferrets. He will make a great new addition to the right family.


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