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TheBAY welcomes a new contributor to its stable this month. Mac guy picSteve Paris  is an internationally published writer, an Apple Certified Trainer, and provides consultancy, training and troubleshooting services to the Swansea area. You can email him at steve@maclore.net or contact him on 077-8866-0407.

Welcome to Everything Is Pixelated. This new column will focus on providing help, advice and news about your Apple devices, namely Macs, iPhones and iPads. Please send any questions to Steve.

Q: I’m worried about wearing out my iPad’s Home button. Is there something I can do to limit its use? 

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A: The Home button is incredibly sturdy, but there is indeed a way to bypass it, with a feature called “Gestures”. It should be on by default but if it doesn’t appear to work, open the Settings app and choose “General” from the options on the left. Make sure that the Gestures button is turned on (i.e., that it’s green).

When active, you can forgo the Home button entirely by using between four and five fingers on the screen at any one time.

Gestures allow you to perform one of three functions: you can swipe to the left or right to move between the most recent apps you’ve opened. Swipe up to reveal all the apps you’ve used lately. Finally, bringing your fingers closer together (imagine crumpling a piece of paper) gets you out of the app you’re currently in, and back to the iPad’s main screen.

All great time savers, and Home button preservers.




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