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The Bay's monthly column that tries to match small furry and feathered friends with new forever homes


Llys Nini Animal Centre has lots of small furry friends looking for a bit of love and and a new home. In this our new monthly column we try to match these BFFs (Best Furry/Feathered Friends) with loving new owners. Last month we featured the many cockatiels and budgies that were at the centre, we are delighted to announce that all of the birds have now been found new homes – we do love a success story.

Let’s see if we can do the same for Maisie and Daisy this month.


Maisie and Daisy are two rabbits who came into the centre as they were unwanted. They are both lovely rabbits who have lacked socialisation. They will need an owner who can offer them plenty of socialising, time and love to build their confidence around people. Bay Template

It is preferable that someone who has experience with rabbits, adopts Maisie and Daisy. It is essential that these two rabbits are re-homed together.


















There are lots of ferrets at the centre, all looking for new forever homes. They will require a secure hutch that can be used as their living and sleeping area. This hutch must provide them with sufficient shelter during the summer months but also the warmth that they will need during the cold winter months.

Bay Template

It is vital that they also have a run, and as ferrets love nothing more than to play with toys and run through tubes, a fun activity area should also be provided.

It is usually best for a ferret to be re-homed with other ferrets, but this does depend on the individual ferret.

If you’re interested in adopting a ferret then pop along to the centre and meet all the characters that are waiting for a new forever home.

If you would like to learn more about any of the animals featured here, please contact

LLYS NINI on 01792 229435. www.rspca-llysnini.org.uk Llys Nini, Penllergar, SA4 9WB




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