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ASG and AA to the rescue

Each month, we – TheBAY – have to transport 9,000 copies of the magazine from our storage unit in Fforestfach to the homes of nine deliverers in Swansea and Gower. The remaining 6,500 copies are collected by the delivery company who have a large van that can accommodate a pallet at a time.

Our trusty steed is a 2004 Toyota Rav4. It’s a work horse, and has served us well for 12 years and is the perfect vehicle for transporting boxes as the rear seats can be removed, leaving a good usable space.

Last month disaster struck. As we merrily drove over the hill from Fforestfach to Tycoch there was an ominous sound that came from beneath the car. On inspection it appeared that some sort of metal strap had snapped and was dragging on the ground. A quick call to Toyota established that it was a fixing that held the petrol tank in place – and we had only just filled up with petrol. They were emphatic – do not drive the car!

Panic set in.

We called the AA and they reiterated – under no circumstances drive the car – if the petrol tank was damaged and there was a leak it would involve the environment agency and a whole lot of trouble. We were to stay put and they would send a mechanic.

To our relief, less than an hour later an AA van appeared over the horizon. The charming mechanic disappeared under the car for about half an hour and then popped out again; he wasn’t sure how long his repair would hold, but he’d follow us to a garage.

Bay TemplateThis is where ASG came up trumps. Autocare Services Group has been a regular advertiser with TheBAY for the past year or so, and we have used them in the past for general servicing, so they seemed the obvious people to call.

After a brief chat with Jackie at ASG, it was agreed that we would drop the car off and they would order the parts necessary and store the car until the parts arrived. In the meantime we would have use of one of their courtesy cars.

Just over half an hour later, we had transferred the boxes of magazines into the courtesy car and were back on the road. The saying ‘We don’t make a drama out of a crisis’ sprang to mind.

So this is a huge thank you to all at ASG for coming to our rescue and allowing us to continue working to bring you, the reader, your copy of TheBAY last month. I would also like to give a big shout out for the guys at the AA – they really are Britain’s fourth emergency service.


ASG have a special offer to readers who have caravans and motorhomes.

They are offering 10% OFF the supply and fitting of a tracking device when you quote the reference BAY04/2016 Tel: 01792 572297 /



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