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Snips 1Hats certainly seemed to have been the order of the day at least with the fashion conscious women members of the congregation of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Townhill, who took their chairs out into the street to witness the official opening of their new church building nearly 56 years ago on Saturday, June 25, 1960.  It seems there wasn’t much traffic about back then.

The picture is just one of the many snapshots in time to be found in the 18th book in consecutive years to result from the picture gathering of former Swansea journalist, author and publisher David Roberts. For details on how to obtain a copy of the book, visit or phone 01639 643961. David is now compiling this year’s volume and is appealing for anyone with photographs to contact him as soon as possible on the number above.

Members of Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Townhill during the official opening ceremony of their new building, 0n Saturday, June 25, 1960.




Bay TemplateWould you like to make a difference in the community?

Are you looking for a club that acts and thinks locally and globally?

Do you want to meet women from different walks of life?

Would you like to diversify your knowledge and find out more?

If so, then join the 86,000 Soroptimists worldwide.

Soroptimists are women of wide ranging interests and professions striving to make a difference through project work whilst raising awareness, and taking action.

Soroptimists undertake service projects in local communities. Their project work is the linchpin of the organisation. It is what makes them different from other organisations, and is the reason for being a Soroptimist. Through their work they support local, national and international projects and charities.

Formed in Swansea in 1933, SI Swansea is a vibrant, dynamic organisation for all women who support the aims of the organisation Soroptimist International to Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls (Soror – sister, optima – best) are today’s women joining together to influence decision making and improve the lives of women and girls.

The Swansea club has a wealth of different perspectives and varied talents. They are a friendly group with members of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds. There are business and dinner meetings with interesting speakers, and social events.









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