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Steve pic 1The column that focuses on providing help, top advice and news about your Apple devices, namely Macs, iPhones and iPads.

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Q: Why is there no way to search for a word or phrase within a webpage on my iPhone or iPad? It’s really frustrating. It’s easy to do on a PC but why not on a mobile device?

A: Actually there is a way, but in their efforts to streamline the interface for small screens, they’ve hidden that feature in the most convoluted way (so much for Apple’s mantra of “it just works”!).

Once you know how to do it, it’ll become second nature, but it certainly does feel odd at first.

Start by loading up a page in Safari. Once fully loaded onto your device, tap on the address field and type a word, or series of words.

As you do this, as you’d expect, Safari brings up suggestions of where else to go (based on your web history, bookmarks, and search results). However, if the list is long, scroll down to the bottom to find a section labelled “On This Page” with a number of matches in brackets.

Steve pic 2Tap on the search result beneath it to go back to the webpage. If you have more than one match you can then navigate through each with left and right arrows, lower left of the screen.

Simple? Definitely.

Intuitive? Far from it. But now you know

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