BADGER’S CD recommendation for July



Some would say it’s a miracle this album ever got to be made. There was sickness, ill health, injury and a waste paper basket piled high with the remnants of 30 odd songs which just didn’t make the cut.

That said, it was well worth the wait. When the album went on release the fans desperately clamoured for downloads. Yes I am one, but I would find it difficult to be able to convey why, if you’re not a fan, you would go and click the buy button. The songs are perfect in every way but the feel of the album is clinical. There are many who have come to live their lives by how Flea and co measured their own. This album is slow and to be honest quite a miserable affair. It will leave you thinking you should have enjoyed it but can’t find any one song to pick out as a class example of why. Slow, deliberate and leaving you wanting for not much more, the definitive track is the new single Dark Necessities. Beautiful. Incorporating the skills of Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley this album has just the right amount of the funky stuff to keep you going, just enough of the mellow to round off a beautiful evening watching the sun set.

Choice songs for me include ‘We turn red’ and ‘Sick love’.


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