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August Restaurant Reviews

Oodles of Noodles at Thai Bach

Bay TemplateI confess that I prefer lunch to dinner. At lunchtime I am fresh and alert and ready for social and gustatory interaction. In the evening I am bored with the happenings of the day, and look to the cat, the sofa and the TV to provide an undemanding prelude to bedtime.

Dinner at the Thai Bach Thai Restaurant in Brynymor Rd last week was an exception. My friend, plastic and dermatological surgeon Rupa Dave was celebrating a ‘big birthday’ with a group of distinguished Indians resident in Swansea, an event for which I was happy to break my diurnal habits.

It was worth the sacrifice. The Thai Bach delivers a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with an excellent array of Thai dishes, from crisp golden tempura to luscious coconut rich green and red curries and pad tai noodles with oodles of chicken, beef or sea food.

I love classic Thai cuisine but in a fit of bravura, ordered tofu instead of chicken in my curry. Scrumptious. I enjoyed both a feeling of smug virtue and an unusual main course.

Thai Bach is not open for lunch—booking is recommended on 01792 460902


Curry Night at the Marriott

Sarla Culianary pic 2Since it opened 26 years ago, the Swansea Marriott Hotel has been a favoured venue for me with its air of calm, quiet service and its comfort-able 4 star predictability. I am a veteran of innumerable meetings, lunches, business events and formal dinners held there and always feel totally at home within this seaside hotel’s red-brick walls.

But hist! I bring you news of a new Marriott happening—the Tuesday Curry Night. BAY editor Lesley issued her orders: ‘Be at the Marriot at 7pm: we are going to try out their new buffet.’

I complied with alacrity and partook of samosas, bhajis, chicken wings, chicken curry, beef curry, spinach lentils, poppadoms, chutneys and pilau rice and naans arrayed on a cunning edifice of circular serving stations.

This was fun. We made several trips to the buffet, each urging the other to try a dish, making for a lively and companionable evening. The restaurant was full, a combination of residents and locals.

‘At £10.95 per head, this is cheaper than a takeaway with a bigger choice of food,’ pronounced Lesley to murmurs of approval from all of us. We finished with a serving of Jude’s Salt Caramel ice cream—very superior—do make it a point to try one of the Jude flavours when you are there next.

I asked Executive Chef Gareth Hope what had inspired him to experiment with the new buffet.

‘A lot of our residents used to go out for dinner to ring the changes from our corporate menu,’ explained Gareth. ‘It made sense to create a Tuesday night happening to save them a trip into the city after a tiring day. It has been popular and I expect to introduce Chinese and Thai evenings too.

‘Of course the usual Marriott corporate menu is always available, with its more formal classic repertoire, and some bistro type dishes as well.’

Just keep surprising us, Gareth. And we’ll keep coming back for more.

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