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Bay TemplateQ: I use the built-in Notes app to write down

all my passwords on my phone, but I’m now worried about how secure this app is. Is there another app I could use to protect my info without breaking the bank?

A: You’re in luck: there is a solution and it’s totally free: as long as your phone is running iOS 9.3 or later, this can all be done from the Notes app itself.

Select the file you wish to protect and – now this may feel a little counter-intuitive – tap on the Share icon, the arrow coming out of a square, top right of your screen. One of the options offered to you is ‘Lock Note’. Tap on it and since this is the first time you’re activating the feature, you’ll need to type in a password (don’t forget it!)

If your device has TouchID, you can also unlock a note with your fingerprint.

This creates the lock but doesn’t lock your note. To do so, tap on the new lock icon to the left of the share button.

Documents in Notes don’t lock themselves auto-matically once you leave them, so you have to remember to lock them each time you’re done with them. Also, if you sync to iCloud to other Apple devices, those docs will be locked and secured on there as well.

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