Shibori Indigo Scarf…with Sew Sweet William


Sarah Davies of SEW SWEET WILLIAM in Killay shows us how to create our own unique summer scarf, with this Japanese dyeing technique using natural indigo dye. Very easy and lots of fun! Get the kids out in the garden and experiment with different folding and tying techniques to create beautiful patterns.

Sew Sweet William pic 1YOU NEED:

1 and a half metres of white cotton voile

fabric (100% cotton)

Indigo Dye kit

Large bucket with a lid

Rubber gloves

Rubber bands

Pegs or bulldog clips


Read all the instructions in your Indigo dye kit BEFORE you start!

Cut your scarf to size and finish all edges with a small rolled hem or leave them frayed for a more casual look.

Mix the dye as per the instructions in the kit. Cover the dye bucket with the lid and leave for around an hour, this will give you a deeper colour.

Sew Sweet William pic 2Fold, twist or scrunch your fabric and secure with rubber bands, bull dog clips or pegs. Practise on some smaller pieces of fabric first to see what results you will get.

When you have tied or pegged your fabric soak it thoroughly in water and squeeze out the excess. Follow the dye kit instructions. About 10 minutes in the dye gives a good result.

When you remove the fabric from the dye it will be bright green!

Don’t panic…as the dye oxidises in the air it will turn indigo. Leave it to oxidise for around 20 minutes then open up your fabric, rinse it in cold water and leave to dry.

One kit will dye quite a lot of fabric so get some friends together, or cut large square pieces of 100% cotton fabric to make some cushions for the garden or the beach.

Sew Sweet William pic 3Fabric is available at SEW SWEET WILLIAM for you to create your own scarf at home. During the summer holidays grab some friends and come along to a workshop for step by step help. Children and adults are welcome. Contact


Sarah Davies – SEW SWEET WILLIAM, 452 Gower Road, Killay, Swansea SA2 7AL

Tel: 01792 204550

Mobile: 07817 526256


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