Don’t let pain get you down

with Tim Wright - Gower Acupuncture (Swansea)

I treat a lot of patients for pain in my clinic. The most frequent conditions I see are back pain, headache and knee pain. Luckily acupuncture is great at treating these conditions.

ISS_12137_01181.pdfTension Type Headaches
Acupuncture is recom-mended by NICE (the body responsible for recommending how the NHS should spend their budget) for treat-ment of tension head-aches. If the thought of having needles put into a sore scalp fills you full of dread I have good news. I use distal needl-ing techniques, meaning the scalp is almost never needled.

Where the root cause is obviously tight neck, shoulder or upper back muscles, this tension may be addressed with tui na massage.

Sporting Injuries
Of late I’ve treated two water-borne athletes for upper and lower body pain and muscular dysfunction. The three times UK Stand Up Paddle-board champion and a national level Swimmer have both benefitted from reduced pain and increased flexibility. You may well be aware that multi-Olympic legend Michael Phelps was using Chinese medicine cupping in the Olympic games to release adhesions in his muscles – the round bruises around his shoulder. UK swimming champion Rebecca Adlington also used it in her career to keep on top of injuries and pain.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can have a number of sources, so don’t just assume you’ve damaged the cartilage or are suffering arthritic change that cannot be treated. Knee pain can originate from the lower back or hips. Ground-breaking work by doctors Travell and Simons in the 1940s also uncovered the possibility of pain originating from tender points in muscles nearby, called trigger points, that can often mimic joint pain. I often treat these trigger points with acupuncture and tui na massage.

Back Pain
Acupuncture is recommended by NICE for the treatment of lower back pain. Compression in the lower spine can cause pain to radiate down the lower legs. I treat lower back pain with acupuncture and often recommend exercises inspired by the brilliant world-renowned physiotherapist and back specialist, Sarah Keys.

At a time when opioid-based pain control use is at almost epidemic proportions, wouldn’t you rather see if a completely natural, non-addictive option can alleviate your pain?

I’m having an open day at The Lazy Frog, Uplands on Wednesday 14 September between 10am and 3pm. Come along for a free 15 minute chat to see if acupuncture could help your pain?

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