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Bay TemplateQ: I’ve fallen in love with Emojis on my phone. Is there a way of using them on my Mac aside from emailing them to myself from my phone, and copying and pasting them in other documents?

A: There are definitely much easier methods, as long as you’re using a modern version of Mac OS X from Lion (10.7) onwards. The following method works for Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11):

Whichever app you’re in, as long as you can type into it, go to Edit > Emoji & Symbols. A floating window will appear. Select Emoji from the first sidebar to the left to gain access to all available ones. Click on any to see a larger version of it to the right (and its official name – yes, they all have one). To add one to your document, double-click on it.

Top right of that floating window is a small key symbol. Click on it to change the look of that window to something more similar to how Emojis are displayed on your phone. You lose the larger preview section and all sidebars, but you can now scroll up and down the whole available list. To add an emoji, simply click on the one you want.

There’s also an alternative way of accessing that window: use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Cmd-Spacebar.

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