Sweet Summer Holiday CUSHION COVERS


Sew Sweet William 2What do you do with those favourite t-shirts that the little ones have grown out of at the end of the summer? An easy project to do with your children…turn it into a cushion cover!

You’ll need: sewing machine, measuring tape or ruler, tailor’s chalk, pins, cushion pad and old t-shirt.

  1. Lay your t-shirt flat on a table and measure to see what size cushion pad you need.
  1. For this little t-shirt (age 3) we used a 12inch square cushion pad.
  1. Using a tape measure and tailors chalk draw a straight line across the top of the t-shirt, just below the collar, then draw lines down the side of the t-shirt 12 inches across (draw the lines right down to the bottom hem)
  1. Pin along the chalk line then cut 1/2 inch from the line all the way around.
  1. Turn the bottom of the t-shirt up to make a square.Sew Sweet William 1
  1. Set your sewing machine to a stitch for sewing knitted (stretchy) fabric and starting at the bottom hem sew the three sides along your chalk line.
  1. Carefully trim close to the stitching
  1. Turn right sides out and place your cushion pad inside.

Place your finished cushion on a comfy chair, kick off your sandals and relax.

Why not keep those holiday memories close and get a few cushion pads in different sizes to make one each for all the family.

If you are a complete beginner why not come to Sew Sweet William in Killay and learn the basics of using a sewing machine and build your confidence with some easy step by step projects.

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