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The latest version of the system that powers your iPhone and iPad has been released as a free upgrade for all compatible devices. Here are a handful of the many new features waiting for you to discover:

mac-pic1. Notes Notes have a new icon at the top of the screen which allows you to invite people to specific ones so they can collaborate on the same note at the same time, in a feature similar to what Apple are introducing in iWork, its suite of productivity apps (Pages, Numbers and Keynote).

2. iMessage If you send iMessages (your blue bubble friends in Apple’s Messages app), your responses have be-come a whole lot more varied: compose a mess-age, then tap and hold on the send icon (a blue arrow to the right of your text field), to select an animation to go along with your message. You can even fill the screen with balloons or fireworks, and auto-correct options now include emojis.

3. Flashlight If you’ve got an iPhone 6S or 7, you can force-touch the flashlight icon in the notification centre to choose how bright you want your light to be.

4. Built-In Apps Apps that come pre installed on your phone, can now finally be deleted, so if you never use the Stocks app, you can banish it forever. If you change your mind, all these apps can now be re-downloaded from the App Store.

5. Rest to Unlock If you don’t like iOS10’s new “press the home button to unlock your phone” feature and would like to revert back to iOS9’s way of just placing your thumbprint on the home button instead, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button, and enable Rest Finger to Open.

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