In Search of Perfection

with Chris 'Guts' Griffiths

6ft offshore perfection North of the Border

Perfect days are a really rare occurrence in surfing. There are so many variables that need to come together – all at just the right moment.

Pity the surf wasn’t as great as this perfect sunrise at Langland

Things such as wind, tide and swell all have to align in just the right mix for this to happen. Even if one of these is slightly off, the perfect day can be downgraded in an instant. On top of Mother Nature having to play ball, your personal life also has to co-operate too. You have to not be in work, at a wedding or any other pre-arranged engagement that is hard to get out of. And that is difficult when you never really know when a perfect day may come along.

Unlike most sports where you arrange to play at a set time and place and the golf course/ football pitch/ tennis court is waiting for you at the allotted time – every time , surfing is the total opposite. You can go for weeks with no surf and then when the surf eventually turns up to play, she’s all unkempt and choppy. Even though you surf whatever the ocean offers, you constantly dream of surfing perfect waves – this is what keeps you motivated and ever hopeful that the next time you go surfing, it may be, just may be, the perfect day you’ve been waiting for.

Dreamy West Wales perfection

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