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Alfie (right) was rescued from a multi cat household that the RSPCA had been alerted to. We helped them by taking 4 of the cats from this house-hold. Alfie is 2 years old. He is a very friendly, affectionate cat, unfortunately he has been diagnosed with a heart murmur which means there is a possibility he may suffer from heart disease and be on medication in the future. This is by no means certain but is a possibility.


Jamie (left) is a 13 year old cat who is looking for a home preferably with his sister Tiger (right). Their owner was suffering from ill health and had to move into assisted living accommodation. Although he loved them dearly, he had no option but to give them up.


Arabella, Billy and Donald


Arabella is a pretty, little tortie cat. She was left behind when her owners moved away. She is now looking for her forever home.

Billy came into us as a result of the death of his owner. He was left alone in the house for a number of days before the police were alerted to the situation. So poor Billy was a bit trauma-tised when he came into us, but has now settled down and loves a fuss and a cuddle.

Donald is a cat that had been frequenting a McDonalds establishment for a couple of years. Hence the name. Everyone assumed he was a feral cat, however one of our volunteers gained his trust and he has turned out to be a very loving, friendly cat although wary of strangers at first. He deserves to have a loving, forever home after years of living rough.

Fergus and Trevor

Fergus is a young chap of around 5 months old. He is a very friendly, lively and playful cat.

Trevor is a very vocal cat, he doesn’t like to be on his own, he loves to be wherever you are. He will complain very loudly if you don’t give him the attention he is demanding. He loves children. He also loves his food and will eat just about anything. Trevor came into us as a poorly stray, it was a while before it was discovered that he is diabetic. He has injections twice a day. He is very good at having his injections, he stands still while it’s done. A new owner would have to be prepared to inject him twice daily.




If you can offer a home to a cat or kitten please get in touch by one of the following methods:

Helpline: 0345 260 2101 (Mon to Sat, 8.30 until 6)









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