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A 100 minute game

France V Wales – incroyable!

Well, have we ever had such a climax to any game as that seen in Paris?

Or anywhere else for that matter?

In all my years of watching rugby there has never been a finale quite like the one witnessed on 18th March in Paris. Ultimately bringing defeat, despite a valiant Welsh defence, in the 100th minute this was a mixture of ultimate commitment, skulduggery (cheating?), endurance and never-before-seen scenes.

A yellow card after the normal 80 minutes has passed usually means the end of any participation but not, on this occasion, as Samson Lee was to return to scrum-maging duties against all odds. His thoughts had probably turned to the shower, the post-match meal and the journey home before being summoned back into action.

And who was the hungry Frenchman who decided to feast on the finest Welsh arm of George North? Oh no, wait a minute, maybe it was George himself that had felt the need to gnaw at his upper arm to gain a competitive edge………

Reflecting on the Six Nations as a whole has left us with some important unanswered questions. With only 3 new caps having been created since the last World Cup we seem to be reliant on the old guard to keep things going with very little by way of new ideas being apparent. To my mind there are three questions out of it all:-

Would Sam Davies have created a more creative  and attack-orientated?

Should Ross Moriarty have been kept on the pitch for the full game against England?

How and when are we ever going to introduce new talent?

Still, there’s always next year……………………..

Tom Pugh

I wrote last time about the shock of losing a young player earlier in the season and the impact on all players. Well, I am pleased to report that they have proposed and organised a day in which we will set out to fittingly commemorate Tom.

On Sunday, April 30th the Club will host a Pughy 9s festival. The format is to be 9-a-side touch rugby with 16 teams participating. At the time of writing we are delighted to have had confirmed entries from teams from within the club, from the Cockett Inn, Penclawdd RFC, Swansea Gladiators and under 15 and 16 teams.

It should be a day to remember and will be held to raise money for charities that Tom would have supported. With the focus on fundraising there are opportunities to come forward as individuals or businesses to sponsor a pitch for the day, a match ball or to take an advert in the commemorative programme that will be produced. If anybody would like further details or just wish to make a donation then please contact Paul Coode on 07834 995802.

Full details of the event will be found on the club’s website page at swanseauplandsrfc.mywru.co.uk should you wish to pop in and support.

Wet or what?

Well, having escaped relatively lightly through the depths of winter, March has brought some significant down-pours and a climate where conditions underfoot just seemed to be totally resistant to drying out.

As we embark on our programme of pitch main-tenance we will be starting from a lower point than anticipated and much time, effort and, of course, money will be needed whilst the pitches have their hard-earned rest to get them back in the best possible fettle ready for the new season.

We mustn’t forget how prolific Mother Nature can be and hope that we are blessed with the best possible conditions to allow the fertilising, seeding, weedkilling, aeration and mowing exercises to bear the results we all crave come mid-August and pre-season preparations.

The next few weeks will decide the final league places and there are plenty of key matches involving us and our opponents across the next few weeks that it is hard to predict what our fate may be. I am keeping everything crossed week-by-week and hope that we are in a strong position by the time I am writing next.


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