DOUBLE CELEBRATION for Swansea Achievers

Romak Denture Centre

Eoin Maclean (front) & Rhodri Rowlands – Pic: John Fry


Young entrepreneurs Eoin Maclean and Rhodri Rowlands, co-directors of ROMAK DENTURE CENTRE in Killay, are celebrating fifteen years of successful trading for their dental laboratory in Swansea; in addition, they have been awarded the industry specific DAMAS quality accreditation.

Still on the right side of forty years of age, the determined duo have built up an impressive client list of over 50 dentists in South Wales and beyond, manufacturing and repairing a range of over 70,000 dental products at their spacious and well-equipped laboratories.

Meeting the demographic challenge

Romak employs a team of fourteen qualified laboratory and support staff.

Eoin attributes their success as the largest dental laboratory in the area to an ongoing programme of investment in updating equipment and upgrading facilities to maintain the technological edge— in addition of course to meeting the challenge posed by demographic changes in our society. Today more than 50 percent of the UK population is over fifty years of age, a market segment that is the

highest user of the services of the dental laboratory.

Quality accreditation—DAMAS

“Achieving DAMAS accreditation is an important milestone in our quest for growth and excellence,” says Eoin.

“DAMAS is the ‘Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme’, a quality management system designed specifically for the manufacturers of custom made dental appliances. Setting up and maintaining the systems, procedures and the documentation required for DAMAS has been hard, painstaking work; it now enables us to take our place as market leaders in South Wales and was well worth it.”

Eoin and Rhodri take supplier relationships very seriously as a further means of ensuring quality.

New technology

“We propose to introduce 3-D printing technology as an innovation in our manufacturing capability,” declares Eoin. “We have applied for funding assistance from the Welsh Government’s new growth fund and will hopefully develop this cutting edge manufacturing method in 2017.”

 Hot off the press!

Romak is among the first local small businesses to declare compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and the Human Trafficking Act as required by their customers.


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