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Q: When I swipe to the left of the first home screen lots of information comes up. What is it and can I get rid of it?

A: You’re referring to the Widget screen which you can access as you described, or straight from the lock screen, also by swiping to the left. It’s a convenient way to access information that should be relevant to you, but its default setting may not suit your needs.

However, fear not, you can fully customise it. The search field at the top and the date are set in stone, but everything else can be reordered and removed. To do this, scroll down to the bottom of your widgets list until you find the round “Edit” button. Tap on it (if you’re on your lock screen, you’ll then have to enter your password). You’ll then enter the Add Widget screen. Any app you have installed which supports widgets will be presented in the “More Widgets” list. Add as many as you wish by tapping on their green “+” button.

Above that is the list of the widgets you currently have on your screen. Tap on the red “-” button and confirm that action by tapping on ‘Remove’ to get rid of them (they’ll reappear in the “More Widget” section). You can also tap and hold on the triple lines to each widget’s right to reorder them so that the most important ones to you are always at the top.

Of course, if you don’t want any, you can just delete everything save for the date and search field, but you may find if you transform it to only show what is of interest to you, it’ll become a useful part of your iOS experience.



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