MASTERING THE SPORT with Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths

BAY Surf


Plenty of power and flow from Guts on display through this full tilt cutback in a Langland trough


Ask anyone who surfs and they will probably tell you it is one of the most difficult of all the extreme sports to master.

Si Tucket showing impeccable form in a critical position

James McGregor showing poise and perfect balance noseriding on a glassy wall at Langland

It takes timing, balance, power and great physical dexterity all combined together, to result in a perfect landing on an ever changing liquid canvas.

It’s like having to skateboard on a ramp that’s transforming under your feet or snowboarding whilst having an avalanche snap at your heels.

When it all goes wrong – Rob Miles getting it very wrong at Aberavon Beach on one of the biggest days of the winter

Your timing has to be perfect. A split second too late or too early and disaster awaits.

Get it wrong and a trip in the rinse cycle awaits, but get it right and the feeling is electric.


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