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Q: I use a number of email addresses on my Mac, but I’d like to make sure that any new email I write is from my new one, as I’m trying to simplify my email setup.

A: By default, when creating a new email message, Mail in Mac OS will use the address of whichever mail-box you’ve currently selected. For example if you have two addresses, bob@gmail.com and bobby@icloud.com, and you’re currently looking at an email sent to bob@gmail.com, that’s the address that will be used when drafting a new message. But you can change this behaviour so that, no matter which mailbox you’re in, Mail will always use bobby@icloud.com.

To do this, go to the Menu Bar (top of the screen) and click on Mail > Preferences. From that window, select the ‘Composing’ tab. Halfway down that tab is a ‘Send new messages from’ popup menu. It’s currently on the ‘Account of selected mailbox’ which does the behaviour described above.

Click on that menu and select the email address you wish to use exclusively. From now on, every time you create a new email, it will use that chosen address. Be aware though that this will not change the behaviour when replying to an email. When that happens you will still be replying using the address the sender used, which you’ll have to manually change if it’s not your preferred one.

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