Open Studios Events

With Tim Pegler

A programme of ‘Open Studios’ events to showcase artists and art galleries is scheduled to take place at a range of locations in Mumbles and Gower between 18th and 28th August 2017. Gower is home to a thriving community of professional and amateur artists practicing in a range of disciplines.

‘Open Studios’ is an occasion at which artists introduce themselves to the general public by inviting them to visit their workshops and display places. It is a mutual opportunity both for an artist to meet his or her audience, and for the public to meet the artist and view their work and the manner of its production, in the environment in which it was created.

Through experiencing the environment in which art is created and, to some extent, removing the mystery of creative development, an artist can reach new audiences, and the public can be educated in a more relaxed and easily-accessible environment than that presented by traditional galleries and exhibition spaces.

Local artists who have already agreed to take part include Micki Schloessingk, who creates beautiful wood-fired pottery at her Bridge Studio in Cheriton, architectural glass artist, Catrin Jones, who designs contemporary stained glass from her studio in Cilonen, and Caroline Rees who designs and cuts stencils for textiles, glass and, currently, papercuts in Mumbles. If agreed, some of Gower’s local food producers will also be invited to take part.

The Mumbles and Gower ‘Open Studios’ programme is a community-based initiative, and will provide an opportunity for local artists to develop a sense of community and common interest, particularly since they often work in isolation. Through ‘Open Studios’, the artist can develop new markets and contacts without the intermediary of an art gallery or agent, and thus make their work more affordable.

A small pot of funding has been applied for which, if the bid is successful, will extend the ‘Open Studios’ event and permit an associated programme of Artists’ Workshops, and Artists’ talks and walks.

Because of the funding uncertainties, the scope of the programme is still to be determined, but further information should be available in June. Anyone interested in participating, suggesting ideas or hosting an event can contact


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