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Q: My iPhone is great and all, but my eyes are getting older and the whole interface feels so small, and I can’t bring myself to use an iPhone Plus. Is there any way to make what’s displayed on the screen bigger?

A: You can of course zoom into text, like in Safari and Pages by putting two fingers on the screen and move them apart, but I suspect you might benefit from your iPhone’s Zoom feature. iOS has numerous accessibility tools to make the inter-face navigable by visually impaired people, which is quite an achievement considering it’s essential-ly just a slab of glass with no bumps or ridges.

You can make use of one of these features to magnify the screen. To activate it, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom.

Once switched on, it’s like you’ve just put a magnifying lens on top of your screen. You can drag it around with the bottom handle, or just drag anywhere on the screen to bring a particular section of the screen into the zoomed area.

If you triple tap the screen with three fingers, you’re offered multiple options like forgoing the zoomed section and having the whole screen zoom in instead, increase the magnification level with a handy slider, have a controller on the screen to help you navigate, and even apply a filter should you find it easer to read with it. To disable Zoom, triple tap with three fingers again and choose ‘Zoom Out’.

Once you’ve zoomed out, you can toggle it again with the same triple tapping gesture so the feature is always at your fingertips whenever you might need it.

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