Letter to the Editor

Advertiser recommendations

Hi Lesley

I read Bay every month and have seen your recommendations in your Editor’s Choice. I thought I’d get in touch to recommend a couple of local businesses that have helped me recently.

I have an iPhone and wanted to sync it with my PC so that I could download my iTunes onto my phone. In doing this I managed to lock my phone – it simply froze and I couldn’t do anything with it. Now that the Apple shop has closed in Swansea I was preparing myself for a trip to Cardiff, but thought that I would try a local firm first. I took it to a couple of places in Swansea but they couldn’t get it to unlock and then I was recommended Time2Talk in Fforestfach. I left it with them and in less than an hour they had fixed it. All members of staff were lovely and it only cost me £15.

I also used one of your advertisers D W Plumbing to replace an outside tap for me. I had a tap but I couldn’t find a hosepipe to fit as it was so old. I tried to remove it myself but it was difficult and I was afraid it might break. Dan came out at short notice and quickly fitted a new tap – there again this wasn’t expensive at £35.

Mrs L Uplands

Good to hear of great service – if you’d like to commend a local business please email me at lesley@theswanseabay.co.uk whether they advertise with us or not!



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