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Q: Convince me. What’s so great about Macs and iPhones?

A: Oh my goodness, how long have you got? Allow me to simply focus on one piece of tech which is borderline magical: Handoff. Now before I explain it, you should make sure your Mac (running Mac OS Sierra) and your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 10) are setup properly:

  1. Both devices are linked to the same iCloud account;
  2. They’re both on the same wifi network;
  3. Handoff is on (it usually is by default): on iOS, go to Settings > General > Handoff; on Sierra, go to System Preferences > General > and tick the ‘Allow Handoff’ box.
  4. Bluetooth is on for both devices and that they’re within range of each other, which is roughly up to 9 metres (handoff doesn’t work over wifi or the internet for security reasons).

Now comes the magic: copy a bit of text, or an image, or even a URL from a website on one device, then leisurely go to your other one, open up a relevant app (Notes for text or images, and Safari for a URL for instance), then, with the cursor in an appropriate location on the screen, select Paste, et voila! What you copied on one device is now pasted on the other.

This is known as the Universal Clipboard. It can take a few seconds to work, especially if you’re copying a large photo or lots of text, but it works seamlessly, and is one reason I love the combination of Macs and iOS devices so much. 🙂


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