Lili Wen Fach Childminding

Childcare in a family environment

Lili Wen Fach Childminding has been providing child care in a family environment to clients throughout the Swansea area for over fourteen years.

The service is located in a leafy part of Swansea in a large family home with an enclosed, spacious garden in which the children all love to play.

Children are given an environment in which they can confidently play, learn and grow. A well stocked playroom with a large variety of toys, games, books, dressing up and craft materials and home cooked meals help provide home style child care. They are also taken out to parks, the local library and various playgroups.

Proprietor Sarah Goss is a Steiner educated childminder who has raised four of her own children and has a large group of satisfied clients, many of whom work in the nearby University and Hospital. She is registered under the CSSIW.

Testimonial – Mrs P:

“My two year old son has been attending Lili Wen Fach Childminding for over a year now. Both he and I are extremely happy there! The children play outside in the garden whenever possible, which they love. They are well fed and watered.

They enjoy stories, activities and lots of play. There is heaps of space both inside and out. All in all they have a great time in a relaxed, family home. I would recommend Lili Wen Fach to anyone looking for a childminder in Swansea.”

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